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Best Sunrise Alarm Clock [2020]

Your “Sleep Hygiene” is just as important as your waking process. There are some smartwatches with biometric features that can help track your important sleep statistics. The Philips SmartSleep HF3670/60 sunrise alarm clock was set up to spare you this extra cost.

Not only is it a quality sunrise alarm clock with customizable functions, but it also has special features to help you fall asleep, sleep better, and wake naturally. The “Relax Breathe” feature helps you replicate a relaxing meditative process to fall asleep easily.

The built-in AmbiTrack sensor also measures important sleep hygiene factors like your bedroom’s temperature, noise, light and humidity levels. It then gives you feedback on how you can improve the overall sleeping conditions. All of this can be controlled via a Sleep Mapper companion app with an intuitive interface.

The HomeLabs 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock has one of the lowest price tags in the market. It also allows for some customization in the form of 6 possible accent colors that you can swap out to replace the natural daylight setting.

This sunrise alarm clock gradually brightens over the course of 30-minutes to closely mimic the natural dawning of the sun. Though you can’t adjust this duration. It can also be set up to play nature sounds too closely mimic natural sunrise with things like a chorus of bird song. There is also a traditional audible alarm or an FM radio. It also has a battery backup for seamless running during a power outage.

As a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, Philips offers multiple sunrise alarm clocks. Their HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock was specifically engineered to produce UV-free light in natural warm tones. The duration of the lighting arc also closely matches the natural dawn of the sun. To that point, Phillips points out that this sunrise alarm clock can help augment a light therapy treatment plan.

The Philips HF3520/60 has the ability to replicate sunrise and sunset. If you like you can pair the lighting process with 5 optional nature sounds or the built-in FM radio. The face of the sunrise alarm clock has 20 different brightness settings, as well as an auto-dimmer feature designed to reduces the brightness of the face in a dark room.

How We Picked

Sunrise alarm clocks are increasingly popular with couples and families who are sick of waking up to the annoying blare of a traditional alarm clock. Some individuals who are engaged in light therapy to rebalance their circadian rhythms also find sunrise alarm clocks help with the treatment process.

You might be surprised to hear that this is a somewhat crowded market niche with many consumer electronics manufacturers offering their take on sunrise alarm clocks. This includes some interesting special features. Along the way, we tried to keep an eye out for the basic functionality you want in a light-based alarm clock, as well as how the special features might influence the price.

Lighting Duration

With some sunrise alarm clocks, the duration of the lighting increase comes preset by the manufacturer. This is usually around half an hour, though there are some 60-minute options that are very subtle. For some people, this is perfectly fine. Yet there are others who want the ability to adjust the speed and duration of the sunrise effect. Especially if the sunrise alarm clock is going to be close to your face.

We also kept an eye out for sunrise alarm clocks that let you adjust the color of the lighting effect, which also lets you set it up to match your bedroom’s décor. Along the way, we even came across a few units that had the ability to replicate sunset.

Sound Effect And FM Radio

Many sunrise alarm clocks also have additional sound features. This often includes things like bird song, surf, and rushing water which can be paired with the lighting effect to closely mimic natural sunrise. There are also some that include sounds that you might not hear in nature, but still have a soothing quality such as white noise, or soft piano.

Of course, there are a lot of people out there who love to wake up to their favorite radio station in the morning. So, we also kept an eye out for units that had a quality FM radio with a speaker or could be connected to a secondary speaker system.

Functional Lighting And Alarm

Most high-quality sunrise alarm clocks are designed to broadcast full-room lighting. So, we made sure to pick out a few that could also be used as a bedside lamp, or night lite. Many of these also had the ability to set up multiple alarms, which is a nice thing if you have a baby that needs feedings in the middle of the night or a young puppy that needs to go out to do their business in the hours before dawn.

We also made sure to look for basic functions that you will find with traditional alarm clocks. Especially snooze features for times when you might be able to sleep in a little longer than usual.

Battery backups were also a point of focus. With many traditional alarm clocks even a momentary power outage, like the flicker of a nearby transformer, can wipe out your alarm settings. This can be a major problem if you happen to sleep through the outage. A battery backup ensures that the power supply is seamless and that all your special settings remain in place.

Wireless Connectivity And Companion Apps

The modern-day smartphone is one of the most intuitive interfaces ever designed. Being able to connect to a sunrise alarm clock wirelessly and adjust the settings from the palm of your hand is very appealing to many people. Though wireless connectivity via WiFi or Bluetooth with app integration or the ability to sync with smart home devices does tend to raise the per-unit price. So, we made sure to include a few that had these special features as well as a few that don’t.

Philips SmartSleep HF3670/60 Sunrise Alarm Clock With Wake-up Light Therapy Features

Philips SmartSleep HF367060 Sunrise Alarm Clock With Wake-up Light Therapy Features


  • Sunrise alarm clock with light therapy features
  • AmbiTrack sensor monitors sleep hygiene conditions
  • Sleep Mapper app for customization
  • Relax Breathe light guided program
  • Built-in power backup
  • FM radio
  • Aux dock for connecting additional speakers
  • Smart touch display
  • Clock dimming feature
  • Smart Touch display
  • USB charging port for your phone

Phillips is one of the larger players in consumer electronics. So, it’s no surprise that they have a strong presence in the sunrise alarm clock niche, with their SmartSleep HF3670/60 Sunrise Alarm Clock.

Philips SmartSleep HF367060 connected to Smartphone

It has a lot of the basic functions you want to see in a sunrise alarm clock like a Smart Touch display, a clock dimming feature to full dim, an FM radio with a built-in speaker, as well as a power backup. The Phillips SmartSleep also has an aux dock for connecting to additional speakers. There’s also a USB charging port for your smartphone.

Smartphone app of the Philips SmartSleep HF367060

Though it’s really the smart features and customizable app functionality that helps the Phillips SmartSleep separate itself from many of its competitors. The Sleep Mapper app lets you customize the lighting rhythm and other features. It can also give you more information collected by the “AmbiTrack” sensor which measures sleep hygiene factors like your bedroom’s temperature, noise, light and humidity levels. It then gives you feedback on how you can improve your sleeping conditions.

Philips SmartSleep HF367060 next to bed

The Phillips SmartSleep also has a Relax Breathe feature, which is essentially a light-guided breathing program that helps you fall asleep comfortably. The pattern mimics many of the mind-balancing effects of meditative breathing.

What We Liked

The AmbiTrack and Relax Breathe feature really helps you fall asleep naturally, improve your overall sleep hygiene, and wake in a more natural fashion.

Yet it also has the hardware features that help it fit into the nuts and bolts details of your morning routine like the ability to charge your phone and play music in the morning.


This is a very well-designed sunrise alarm clock with the basic and special features you need. It has the features to help balance your circadian rhythm, as well as customize it to your life. Its sleep hygiene features are also very nice.

If you are in the process of a light therapy treatment plan, you should double-check with your physician to make sure the app features are in line with their current recommendations.

HomeLabs 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock

HomeLabs 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock


  • Digital LED
  • 6 accent color options
  • 3 brightness settings
  • Increases light over 30-minutes
  • 5-minute audio alarm
  • Nature sound features
  • Backup battery
  • Snooze feature
  • USB charging port

HomeLabs 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock has a low price point, yet still has enough special features to replicate the sunrise effect. It also allows for some customization with 6 possible accent colors that you can use in place of the daylight setting. However, the 3 brightness settings and dimmer are only programmed to alter the daylight option.

HomeLabs 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock

The HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock gradually brightens over the course of 30-minutes to replicate sunrise. You can also set it up to play nature sounds which further replicates the natural conditions of sunrise and a chorus of bird songs. If you prefer it can be set up with an audible alarm that plays for up to five minutes.

HomeLabs 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock

This sunrise alarm clock also has the basic hardware features you might prioritize in a traditional alarm clock. It has a built-in speaker with an FM radio, as well as a snooze feature with a modest-size button on the top of the clock face.

HomeLabs 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock

There’s also a lithium battery backup to keep the clock running seamlessly during a power outage.

What We Liked

The fact that the light level gradually increases over the course of 30-minutes and can be set to work with nature sounds add some authenticity to the replicated sunrise.

The ability to customize the color to your bedroom’s aesthetics also makes stylish for the low price point.


The HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock is a relatively basic unit, though it does have some special features that let you customize it to your personal style. There isn’t any sort of app or other software, but you wouldn’t expect those things at this low price.

HeimVision A805 Sunrise Alarm Clock With Smart Wake Up Features

HeimVision A805 Sunrise Alarm Clock With Smart Wake Up Features


  • 7 color LED options
  • 20 adjustable brightness levels
  • Quadruple alarm function
  • Gradually transitions from natural red to white daylight
  • Snooze feature
  • Bedside lamp and night lite feature
  • Supports Alexa and Google Home

HeimVision takes on some key lighting features with their A805 sunrise alarm clock. It is originally set to transition from more-natural red light to white daylight, though it has 7 different colors LED display transformations that you can set to your personal taste.

You can also adjust the duration of the sunrise process, and pair it with multiple sound features. This includes Birdsong, Hawaii Wave, Streams, Beep, Wind bells, Chord, Ringtone, and Piano. There is also FM radio available through the built-in speaker.

HeimVision A805 Sunrise Alarm Clock

The LED display face has 20 adjustable brightness settings. You can also set it up with a customizable sunset feature that can help you fall asleep naturally.

The HeimVision A805 Sunrise Alarm Clock can also be set up with quadruple alarms. It can also be used as a one-touch bedside lamp or a night lite. This is very handy for things like getting up to feed the baby or letting your puppy out to do his business outside. Though there’s also a snooze feature for times when you want to sleep in a little.

HeimVision A805 Sunrise Alarm Clock

HeimVision was also forward-thinking and designed the A805 to be compatible with other smart home devices. It currently supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

What We Liked

The customizable light color and duration settings are worth appreciating. Some sunrise alarm clocks have static settings that might not always fit your personal preference.

The fact that the HeimVision A805 is compatible with smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home is also a nice touch that lets you seamlessly integrate your home electronic solutions.

If you are a single person living alone the night lite and bedside lamp with quadruple alarms might go completely unused. If you have a baby who has a late-night feeding schedule or a puppy with a small bladder, these features can become an indispensable part of your nightly routine.


There are a lot of sunrise alarm clocks with similar smart features like the HeimVision A805, but most of them carry a somewhat higher price tag. Granted some of these bells and whistles are more appreciated for families and pet owners, but there’s still a lot to like about this unit for a single person who wants to feel like they wake with the sun.

LATME G-1 White Sunrise Alarm Clock

LATME G-1 White Sunrise Alarm Clock


  • Simulates sunrise and sunset
  • 20 brightness levels
  • Adjustable sunrise and sunset duration
  • Digital FM radio
  • Snooze function
  • 7 optional alarm sounds
  • Voice control features
  • Battery backup
  • USB charging port
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home

The LATME G-1 White is another sunrise alarm clock that makes the most out of modern technology and smart home devices. It’s compatible with Amazon’s Alexa as well as Google Home and includes voice controls.

LATME G-1 White Sunrise Alarm Clock

The G-1 White has both a sunrise and sunset feature that allows you to adjust the duration of the process from as little as 10-minutes to as long as 60-minutes. The lighting can be paired with 7 different nature sounds. It also has 20-brightness settings to help customize the face.

LATME G-1 White Sunrise Alarm Clock

It also has a lot of the basic features you would expect in a traditional alarm clock. This includes a snooze feature, digital FM radio, and a battery backup. There’s also a USB charging port for your smartphone or a similar device.

What We Liked

The ability to adjust the sunrise and sunset duration to your personal preference is very nice. As is the ability to pair it with 7 optional nature sounds.

Compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home is also handy for households that embrace the smart home revolution.


This is a well-designed sunrise alarm clock that has all the features and adjustable custom settings that you want. The seamless compatibility with popular smart home devices is also very convenient. There’s not a lot of “Light Therapy” functionality, but it could certainly augment a light therapy treatment plan.

LATME G-1 White Sunrise Alarm Clock

  • Adjustable sunrise and sunset duration from 10 to 60 minutes
  • Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home smart home devices
  • Digital FM radio or 7 optional nature sounds

Philips HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock

Philips HF352060 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock


  • Sunrise and sunset features
  • LED UV-Free light with warm tones
  • 5 optional wakeup sounds
  • FM radio
  • 8-hour power backup
  • 20 brightness settings
  • Automatically dims the face in a dark room
  • Can be used as part of a light therapy treatment plan

As one of the larger players in consumer electronics, Phillips offers multiple versions of sunrise alarm clocks. The Philips HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock was designed to produce UV-free light in natural warm tones, with a lighting arc duration that very closely mimics the natural rising of the sun. Phillips notes that this clock can be used in part of a light therapy treatment strategy.

Philips HF352060 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock

It has both sunrise and sunset features that can be paired with 5 optional nature sounds or an FM radio signal. The face has 20 different brightness settings, with an auto-dimming feature that automatically reduces the brightness of the face when the room goes dark.

Philips HF352060 next to bed

There is also an 8-hour power backup, which is handy during a prolonged power outage. The Philips HF3520/60 can also be used as a bedside reading lamp with 10 different brightness settings.

Philips HF352060 Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock

Phillips also offers a 90 Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee.

What We Liked

The UV-Free light generated by the LED display in warm natural tones has some clinical evidence that suggests it is the superior lighting source for a sunrise alarm clock. This gives some credence to the Philips HF3520/60 being incorporated as part of a light therapy treatment plan.

The 8-hour battery backup is also very nice for letting you stay on your regular schedule even during a prolonged power outage.


The Philips HF3520/60 has a lot of thoughtful engineering and characteristics that make it one of the more popular high-quality sunrise alarm clocks. Though, there are some lower-priced competitors that have many of the same features and are also compatible with smartphone devices.

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock By Jall

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock By Jall


  • 7 color options
  • 7 natural sounds and FM radio
  • 30-minute sunrise time
  • Dual alarm option
  • LED display face with 3-brightness settings
  • Bedside lamp and night lite function
  • USB charger port

This sunrise alarm clock by Jall is a good value for people who want some adjustable features, but don’t want to break the bank on a lot of special features that they might not use. It lets you choose between 7 sunrise colors.

Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock By Jall

You can also pair them with 7 different nature sounds including Birdsong, Ocean Wave, Streams, Beep, Wind bells, Soft Music, Piano Music. It also has an FM radio option with 16 adjustable volume settings.

The sunrise process itself is set to a 30-minute duration. You can set up two alarms for times when you might need to get up in the middle of the night to take medication or let the dog out. There’s also a snooze feature.

The LED display has 3 adjustable brightness settings. You can also sue it as a bedside lamp, night lite or as a basic reading lamp.

What We Liked

The ability to set two alarms and use it as a bedside lamp, night lite or reading lamp makes this sunrise alarm clock appealing to people who need to get up in the middle of the night.

The ability to pair the sunrise feature with nature sounds is also a nice touch that adds to the overall ambiance of this value-priced alarm clock.


This sunrise alarm clock by Jall is a middle of the road unit that has the customizable features to make it a good value for the price tag. Yet it doesn’t have some of the more complex bells and whistles that you find in more expensive units. There isn’t any sort of app or integration with smart home devices. Yet it still has the functionality you need to improve the flow of your day.

iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine And Sunlight Alarm Clock

iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine And Sunlight Alarm Clock


  • 10 sound therapy modes with FM radio
  • 10 light therapy modes
  • LED color blending
  • USB charger
  • Dual alarms
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Companion app
  • Speakerphone feature

The iHome Zenergy sunrise alarm clock was designed to help trigger subtle biological responses to help improve your overall health and well-being. This includes things like emitting red and orange tones to help stimulate melatonin in the evening while switching to blue and white tones that help you wake up feeling invigorated.

iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine

It has 10 light therapy modes to choose from, which can let you customize the LED color blends. The sunrise alarm can also be paired with 10 optional soothing nature sounds to replicate a real-world experience.

iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine

It has a dual alarm feature that lets you set it for the middle of the night or if you and your significant other have different wakeup times in the morning.

Reading next to the iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Therapy Machine

The Bluetooth connectivity and companion app further lets you customize the iHome Zenergy to your personal preferences.

What We Liked

The LED color blending with 10 light therapy modes lets you customize the iHome Zenergy sunrise alarm clock to the ambiance of your bedroom.

The ability to pair the lighting feature with up to 10 nature sounds is also a nice touch. Though if you want you can switch over to the FM radio for times when you want to listen to some music.

The Bluetooth wireless connectivity and the companion app for customization is also a nice touch, and exactly the sort of thing you want to see in a sunrise alarm clock at this price point.


There is a lot to like with the iHome Zenergy sunrise alarm clock. It certainly has the customization to fit the décor and ambiance of any bedroom, paired with the kind of alarm features you need to get your day started off on the right foot.

If there’s a complaint with this sunrise alarm clock, its that it has wireless connectivity and a customizable app, yet it doesn’t have any sort of compatibility with smart home devices.

FIMITECH Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

FIMITECH Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock


  • 7 different lighting colors
  • 7 nature sounds
  • Sunrise and sunset simulation
  • Quality FM radio
  • 2 alarms with a snooze feature
  • 2 USB ports
  • Night lite feature
  • Lithium-Ion battery backup
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 12-month warranty

If you are looking to blend value with essential functionality and customizable ambiance, then the FIMITECH Wake Up Light deserves a serious look. It has the ability to replicate sunrise as well as the sunset. You can adjust the arc of the lighting process to as little as 10 minutes or as long as 60-minutes.

FIMITECH Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

There are 7 different color features that can be paired with 7 soothing nature sounds. It also has a high-quality built-in FM radio that lets you wake up with your favorite music.


This sunrise alarm clock has two USB ports to let you and your significant other charge your smartphones at night. It also has two alarm options and a snooze feature. The FIMITECH Wake-Up Light also has a lithium-ion battery backup for seamless operation during a power outage.

What We Liked

The ability to simulate sunrise and sunset with adjustable colors and optional sounds is really nice for a budget price point like this.

The fact that Fimitech backs this sunrise alarm clock with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty is also a statement of confidence in the quality of the product.

It’s also worth noting that the FM radio produces higher quality sound than many of the competitors in this price range.


The FIMITECH Wake-Up Light has the features you would expect to see at the next step higher in price. Yet it has the quality engineering and versatility you want to see in a sunrise alarm clock. You get the feeling that FIMITECH designed it for couples who keep slightly different schedules. There aren’t a lot of special features or a sophisticated companion app, but you wouldn’t expect them at this friendly price tag.

Buyers Guide

The human body is a marvel of biological science. Within each of complex dynamic processes regulate organs, tissues, and cellular functions that keep us living, moving, growing and healing. Of course, when you compare the human body to most other mammals, we don’t immediately impress. We don’t have slashing claws or sharp teeth, we don’t have wings to fly or blazing speed to escape predators, we see poorly in the darkness, we have no protective coat and most of us climb a tree at a snail’s pace.

With all due respect to the prehensile thumb, what truly makes us special is our big, sophisticated brain. So, keeping it healthy with things like proper nutrition, novel stimulation, and good sleep hygiene directly impacts our overall quality of life.

Every day your brain experiences sleep pressure from adenosine buildup and other neural processes, which essentially force you to eventually go to sleep. This is when your body executes its most effective repair processes, while the brain works to balance key processes and manage neural waste products like beta-amyloid and tau proteins.

The human body typically falls into a pattern known as a circadian rhythm, which relies heavily on the wake-sleep cycle. As this pattern deepens, with the regularity you might even find you sometimes wake up a few minutes before your alarm clock.

Of course, this is the ideal scenario, for someone with perfect sleep hygiene and a well-established pattern without any other outside influences on sleep quality. Unfortunately, most of us live in the real world where stress and a sea of other factors interrupt our circadian rhythm or just make it downright difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

This can lead to a very serious brain health issue known as Circadian Rhythm Disorder. This can manifest as recurring problems with depression, brain chemistry issues, hormone imbalances, and irritability, just to name a few.

Yet our innate biology can help reset us to a more-healthy pattern. If you stop and think about it homo sapiens have spent the vast majority of our evolutionary history waking up to the rising sun. If you’ve ever been up at dawn, you’ve likely noticed that the sun doesn’t just pop up like a spring. There’s a gradual pre-dawn gray that slowly gives way to soft orange tones and an array of warm colors, before finally bathing the world with yellow light.

Contrast this to how most people these days wake up to a blaring annoying alarm that jars you awake and bathes your brain with a rush of caustic hormones like cortisol and an unnecessary amount of adrenaline. This shocking experience can be even worse if it jolts you from the deep REM sleep pattern that your brain needs to work at it’s best.

When given the chance to wake up to the rising sun, your brain gradually starts to perceive the change and gently activates the natural process of waking you up. If you happen to be in deep REM sleep, the brain will slowly transition you based on the miniscule amount of light that affects your eyelids.

Of course, the pace and schedule of modern life, and the change of the seasons rarely allows us to wake up to the natural rising of the sun. Fortunately, modern-day consumer electronics manufacturers have keyed into the benefits of sunlight waking, and now offer a variety of sunlight alarm clocks.

Rather than jarring you awake with loud noises, it replicates sunlight allowing you to gradually wake up by biological processes that are already in place in your brain. Not only is this a more healthy way to wake up in the morning, but it can also be used in treatment strategies for Seasonal Affective Disorder-related depression, Circadian Rhythm Disorder, and can even help take the edge of a nasty case of jetlag!

Sunrise Alarm Clock Features

Of course, not all forms of light are the same, different types of light and the pattern can also impact how your brain reacts to it. Beyond that, there are also some sunlight alarm clocks that have special features to help get you off to a good start or just better organize your day. This might include things like special apps and music features.

Power Back Up

The concept of power back up is very important with sunrise alarm clocks. Even a momentary power interruption from a lightning strike or a downed power line can affect every clock in your house. Having a power backup feature built into your sunrise alarm clock ensures that even if you sleep through a flicker in the power grid that you will still wake up on time and with whatever personal preferences you programmed into the clock.

Apps And Compatibility With Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices like Echo, Alexa, and Google Home are becoming increasingly popular. Depending on how you use them, you might want to prioritize a sunrise alarm clock that is compatible with your chosen device for more seamless integration.

Adjustable Brightness And Duration

There are some bargain-priced sunrise alarm clocks that have a set duration for the sunrise effect. For some people, the duration as it is right out of the box is perfectly fine. Though the ability to adjust the time it takes to go from the ambient darkness of your bedroom to full light might be something to prioritize. Especially if you want to be able to wake up in 10-minutes rather than 30.

Bedside Light And Night Light Functions

If you need to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, feed the baby, or let your puppy out to do their business, then being able to use the sunrise alarm clock as a night light or bedside lamp could come in handy. Some of these units also allow you to set multiple alarms, which lets you be the one to tenderly wake the baby for feeding, instead of the baby waking you up by crying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does It Matter Where I Place The Sunrise Alarm Clock?

A: Ideally, a sunrise alarm clock should produce a room-filling light that impacts the entire bedroom. Still placing it near your head, facing you will help maximize the subtlety of the lighting effect. It’s especially helpful for times when you might be in deep REM sleep and your brain needs more time to gradually lift you to a waking state.

Q: What Is Light Therapy?

A: Light therapy, which is also known as heliotherapy is a treatment process that some physicians use to help patients deal with conditions like seasonal depression. Many of these treatment plans are designed to increase a person’s exposure to daylight or simulated daylight using things like polychromatic polarized light, specific types of laser light, LED lights, or bright, full-spectrum lamps.

A sunrise alarm clock can help augment the process of bringing a person’s circadian rhythm back into balance as part of a large light therapy treatment plan. Though most clinicians would note that a sunrise alarm clock on its own is not an effective form of light therapy, without other means.

Q: Is There Any Benefit To Adding Natural Sounds?

A: There is some clinical debate about the influence of waking up to natural sounds like bird song as opposed to the blaring of an alarm, or your favorite FM radio station. Though there are some people who feel that adding something like birds singing or water rushing adds to the natural ambiance of a sunrise alarm clock. It’s usually not the sort of thing that is going to jack up the unit price, but if you are hoping to closely replicate nature, you might want to keep an eye out for it when you shop for a sunrise alarm clock.


There’s no doubt about it, sunrise alarm clocks are a far less jarring way to wake up compared to a blaring, annoying alarm. With consistent use, they can help you maintain better sleep hygiene, bring your circadian rhythm into better balance. They might even be used to help augment a light therapy treatment plan.

Finding the best sunrise alarm clock for you can vary depending on your personal preference and your lifestyle. If you have a baby that needs nightly feedings, or a puppy that needs to be let out in the middle of the night, you might prioritize a sunrise alarm clock with multiple alarm features, and the ability to use it as a night lite or bedside lamp. A sunrise alarm clock that also works with smart home devices like Alexa and Google Home also makes it easier to integrate it into your life.

Many people who are attracted to sunrise alarm clocks also look for adjustable duration features. This lets you set the sunrise process how you want it, rather than using the duration arc the manufacturer put into it.

Adjustable colors are also an attractive feature you might like. With many of these units, you can set it to match your décor. There are also many people who prefer warm tone light over bright white daylight and vice versa.

Taking the time to think about how you can integrate a sunrise alarm clock into your lifestyle, will go a long way toward finding the one that’s best for you and your budget. This article will further help you filter the market to find the best sunrise alarm clock for your household.

Product Boxes: Last updated on 2020-04-01 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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Huawei P40 + P40 Pro Specs: Powerful cameras, OLED displays, and big batteries

The Huawei P40 and P40 Pro might lack Google apps, but they certainly try and make up for that on the specs front. From OLED displays, impressive cameras, and in-screen fingerprint sensors, here’s what makes the phones tick.

Source: Huawei P40 + P40 Pro Specs: Powerful cameras, OLED displays, and big batteries | Android Central

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10 Incredibly Useful Things You Had No Idea Your Apple Watch Can Do

We all knew it was excellent for giving you notifications, and, obviously, for giving the time. You might be one of the fortunate people to get a new Apple Watch this Christmas season. That wouldn’t be a surprise as they were discounted at ludicrously low prices and the fact that Apple has sold an unprecedented number of its Series 5 and Series 3 smartwatches. We bet you that you didn’t have any idea it could do the following ten things too.

1. Inverse The Display and Crown.

You may just realize you could do this, yet you probably haven’t realized how valuable this feature truly is. It places the crown in a significantly more unintrusive place that won’t inadvertently increase your volume or turn on Siri.

2. Control Your Apple TV

In case you lose or misplace the remote that Apple ships with the Apple TV, your Apple Watch have an application for that. Simply open the Remote application on your Apple Watch and you can swipe your way to your most loved Netflix or Disney+ film.

3. Set Your Watch Ahead

Back in the day when we wore simple watches, it wasn’t uncommon to set it a few minutes earlier. it helped get things on schedule and never be late. Did you know that you can do the same on your Apple Watch? Simply go to the settings app on the watch, select “Clock” and look over the advanced crown to modify the time appeared at 59 minutes.

4. Share Your Location with iMessage

Have you at any point tried to let a friend or mate know where to meet and share your location? It can be quite a pain. Fortunately, your Apple smartwatch makes it simple. From the iMessage chat itself, simply force touch the display and then select the pin option to share your exact location. They’ll get a message with your place on a map and will even get directions on how to get to you. Cool isn’t it?

5. Set a Reminder for When You Get Home

Siri and the Reminders app are the best mix on the iPhone, and the equivalent is valid with your Apple watch. Simply raise the smartwatch up, and tell it something like “Hello Siri, remind me to check my emails when I return home.” She will.

6. Find Your iPhone App

Let’s be honest, the main reason most of us don’t lose our watch is for the fact that we wear it on our wrist. The same applies to our iPhones. Luckily, if you have an Apple Watch, you can ‘ping’ your iPhone and it will make a sound, helping you work out where you left it. You simply swipe up the base of the watch face, tap the iPhone icon and you are done. Top dog!

7. Recognize Background Music

Without a doubt, Shazam is extraordinary, but, who really needs it? Siri can do the same for you on your Apple Watch, just by raising your watch and asking her “Hello Siri, what tune is this?”. As a matter of fact, Apple purchased Shazam and had the audacity of providing it built-in within the iOS, which means that you can get a similar result without using a different app. In addition to this, Siri will automatically add them to your Shazam library so you can return later and check out your favorite picks. Brilliant integration.

8. Unlock Your Mac

It is really cool and practical to wake up your MacBook Pro and have it unlock automatically with your Apple Smartwatch. The coolest thing is that no password or TouchID needed in the process. All you need is to ensure you have your Watch unlocked and your MacBook must have been opened once with your password. Simple!

9. Take Picture on Your iPhone

Selfies are amazing and everyone is at it, yet once in a while, you need somewhat more space to fit everybody in, including yourself. You presumably set your iPhone timer and pray for the best. However, there is a far superior alternative using your Apple Watch.

Simply open the Camera application on your Watch, which opens the equivalent on your iPhone’s. It will give you a live preview and will enable you to either hit the shutter or set a three-second window, which is all you need to drop your arm back to the right position and take the ideal photograph. You can even check the photo taken directly on your watch. That is what I call cool and a time saver.

10. Setting the Dock with Your Favorites

By pressing the side button (not to be mistaken for the digital crown) you can get to the dock on your Watch. It will either pull up your recently used applications, or you can decide to have it pull up a listing of your favorites. To make the changes, open the Watch application on your iPhone, select “Dock” and pick “Favorites”. You will then be able to change the list of applications that show up, which is an extremely helpful way to have quick access to the ones you use the most.

Why don’t you read our fiull review of the Apple Watch Series 5 and find out why we think it is the best smartwatch in the market.

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How to Protect Your Right to Privacy Online

Online privacy, according to IBuyEssay should be a big concern to everyone. But unfortunately, most people are not taking it seriously. Advancement and wide-spread use of digital and web-based technologies have even made it worse. In a bid to sign up on social media or engage in some other activities online, people give out information without thinking considering the consequences.

However, a number of companies out there have more information or know more about you than you think. You should also not forget in a hurry that online scammers are working tirelessly, looking for their next victim. And they cannot cause harm unless you give out sensitive information. So, start protecting your right to privacy online by implementing the following tips.

Protect Your Right to Privacy Online
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1. Don’t give out too much information on your social media profile

Do you need to fill up all the blank spaces on your social media account before using the platform? The simple answer is, no! So, why provide all your details? Keeping your phone number, email address, house address and other sensitive information about you out of your social media profile is a wise decision.

If anyone wants to know your house address, phone number, email address or any other information about you, they should go ahead and request it. Another way you can protect your right to privacy is to set your social media profile to private mode. In this case, only you or those authorized by you can view your profile information.

2. Avoid weak passwords

Most websites let you see the strength of your password when signing up. And the simple reason is to ensure that your account is well secured. And for that, you need to choose a strong password. 

You can create a strong password for your account by mixing up numbers and letters, and also increasing the length of the password. You can also vary the password with uppercase and lowercase letters to make it more difficult for hackers to identify. 

You should also avoid including your personal information in your password, such as name and date of birth that people can easily find online — for example, Johnmarry1980. The problem with such passwords is that it makes hacking easy. 

Another step you can take to prevent being hacked and to protect your privacy online is to avoid saving passwords on your web browsers. Whenever your web browser notifies you to save a password, choose ”no”.

3. Don’t create all your accounts with one password

Many people are still using the same password for all their accounts. It makes it easier to remember their password and login to any platform they want fast. However, while this is true, having or using the same password across different platforms can make you more vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

So, the best option is to use different passwords for each platform or account you are operating. It doesn’t matter if they have something similar, but the passwords should never be the same altogether. Also, you shouldn’t worry about misplacing your passwords. Whenever you forget your original password, you can use the “forget password” option to request a change of password anytime, and as many times as you want.

4. Limit the sharing of sensitive information online

Interacting with friends, family, colleagues and clients online is not a bad thing to do. But some things are better said or discussed offline than online. Sharing sensitive information, photos, videos and others isn’t a good idea. Reason being that the information can be tracked through various means and used against you.

So, the ideal step to take is to limit the sharing of sensitive information, particularly those you don’t want others to see or hear. Limit your use of social media, emails, and other means for this purpose. Instead, you can arrange for a one-on-one meeting with the person to interact in a comfortable and calm environment. 

5. Secure your devices

Your mobile phones, PC and other hardware, need protection. They might contain a wealth of information that is highly sensitive, so you need to keep them protected from unauthorized users. And in this case, the best way is to use a password because you won’t always be around to prevent people from touching your devices.

Your hardware can also go missing anytime or fall into the wrong hands. So, it is better you secure it now to prevent hackers from gaining access. Also, ensure you don’t carry sensitive information around on your PC, or mobile phones. If you can, store them in a separate external hard drive or USB flash drive that you rarely carry around. 

Another thing to do is to mind the sites you visit, and links you open. The point is some links have ransomware embedded in them. So, once you click on them, ransomware will automatically be installed on your device, giving hackers the power to invade your privacy. 


These are some of the tips to protect your privacy online. They are also things you can start implementing for good. You can use them to prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information about you that can tarnish your image or prevent companies from gaining access to too much information about you. So, follow the tips on this post to protect your right to privacy online.

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How to decide which Samsung Galaxy S10 is the best to buy | It’s a Gadget

Samsung has revealed few weeks ago a new line of devices entitled Galaxy S10. Together with this lineup that includes the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 with 3 variants, they also announced a foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold and a couple of wearable devices.

Samsung Galaxy fold is the phone for tomorrow, but Samsung Galaxy S10 is the polished phone the market demands today. The most expensive variant, the S10+ has a slim chance of being the best seller, but it will attract a lot of people who love a big battery and display. A lot of information, but which device you should chose?

The S10+ does not only get the extra power of a 4100 maH battery, but also it has a highly power efficient chip. We have already seen the effects of 7nm chips’ power efficiency in the Huawei Mate 20pro and a similar performance can be expected from the new S10 phones.

A good feature of all these phones is that they are equipped with reverse wireless charging technology which was first seen in Huawei’s Mate 20pro. Unfortunately, Huawei also brought the hole punch designed front cameras to the market earlier than Samsung. This hole-punch design of the front cameras is also one of the key features of all the new Samsung Galaxy S10 devices.  Even though it may feel like the new Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the best phone, it is not going to be in everyone’s shopping list.

There are some key differences that separate the buyers of the different variants of Galaxy S10. Therefore, the question remains. Which of these devices are for you? Here are the details of all the devices released in the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 event.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

This is the biggest Galaxy S10 variant except the 5G version.

It comes with a 6.4 inch quad HD+ display which is of course curved around the edges in the traditional Galaxy S fashion. It is equipped with triple cameras among which two have OIS: one is wide angle, one is telephoto and the other one is the first ultra-wide angle camera from Samsung in the S series.

The bells and whistles are there in the hardware specifications department. It is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 855 chip which should place the Galaxy S10+ one of the most powerful and battery efficient phones in the world even though the Sony flagship is providing a higher benchmarking score with the same processor. It also offers 1TB of storage space if you are ready to increase your exceeding budget even further. If you want a big phone with big battery and budget is no issue for you, Samsung Galaxy S10+ is the right phone for you. I would recommend this to business guys or people that need to have big screens in their life.

Samsung Galaxy S10

This is the variant with no compromises except the screen, an extra depth sensor front camera and battery size.

The screen is reduced to 6.1-inch and the battery is reduced to 3400mAh, but this should still make it an all day phone as it is still powered by the same 7nm chip running the newly optimized One UI from Samsung.

The number of camera lenses are same and the curved edges are still there. The only reasons to choose this phone over the S10+ can be its size and price, so for a normal person like me, this would be the phone to buy.

Samsung Galaxy S10E

Despite being the cheapest in the bunch, this is the most talked about by the reviewers and for justified reasons. This is the $750 iPhone XR competitor that makes less sacrifices to reach this comparatively affordable price point. It loses the telephoto lens, but the ultra-wide lens is still there. It loses the curved edge, but the AMOLED smoothness is still there.

The S10E also comes with a full HD display unlike the iPhone XR. It is expected by the analysts that the Samsung Galaxy S10E is probably going to be the best seller among the three variants. The downsides of this phone also includes a smaller battery (3100 mAh) compared to the other two versions.

Many users also prefer not to use the curved edges at it is harder to get compatible and long lasting screen protectors for those. Therefore, losing the curved edges can be a blessing for many potential users. I would recommend this to those that don’t afford S10 and that don’t care that much for impressive screens, photos or amazing performance.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

This is the biggest phone announced of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is a 6.7-inch quad HD+ display with the same curved edge AMOLED display.

There is an extra camera at the back which includes a 3D depth sensing camera along with the other three cameras of the other variants. This is also the phone with the biggest battery in the S series (4500 mAh). Although the guests could try all these new phones in the demo, the S10 5G variant was not one of those. This may not be the answer to which phone you should buy, but many heavy users are choosing this phone just for its battery and screen size. So I’m not sure exactly for which kind of person is this phone, but for sure is for someone that affords spending more and that 5G and big size really matters.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was the most hyped phone of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019. In the competition to release the first foldable phone in the market, Samsung had to accept defeat, but the delay was worth it.

It is a more polished product than any previous release of foldable phones as it has the foldable display and one small display which can be used when the device is folded.

The cover display is a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED display and the main foldable display is a 7.3-inch QXGA+ Dynamic AMOLED display even though Samsung could not avoid the notch in the main display. There is one selfie camera on the cover and three rear cameras similar to the S10 releases, but Samsung does not stop there. There are two more cameras at the front situated at the notch when you unfold the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Fold comes equipped with 12GB of RAM. That’s why it will cost you $1980 which may not seem too ridiculous when you will look at the Huawei Mate X folding phone with a $2600 price tag. So those who want to buy this will have to really love this type of phones or afford spending nearly $2000 for a phone.

Now let’s have a small look on the accesories as Samsung also recently introduced Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit/Galaxy Fit E fitness trackers.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds are the cord-free earbuds that puts the Apple Airpods under serious competition as the Galaxy Buds offer many features the latter ones do not have. The charging case can be charged wirelessly and it works great with the reverse charging technology used in all the Galaxy S10 phones. The buds also use dual microphones to provide a clear voice quality in noisy environments. The touch sensitive controls are also very intuitive. The Galaxy Buds are provided free if you preorder any of the Galaxy S10 phones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

For the fitness aware people out there, Samsung also released the Galaxy Watch Active. It can be used for blood pressure monitoring, workout tracking and also stress tracking along with many basic features. These wearables can be used with third party apps from Spotify, Strava and Under Armour. The Buds also have Bixby integration.

Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e

For a more comfortable fitness wear, the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e are lightweight and slim. These two do not have the similar third party support of Galaxy Watch active, but you can record up to 90 different types of fitness activities using them along with Samsung Health app on your phone. The features are also less in number including basic tasks like notification, clock and reminders. These devices are also water resistant.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 had almost all the flagship products of Samsung mobile division apart from their Galaxy Note lineup. It was also very significant for Samsung since all the major competitors in the mobile market are dealing with a decline in the overall demand. As an event it was almost perfect except the absence of a usable 5G variant of Samsung Galaxy S10.

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U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner – Wicked Gadgetry

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U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner

This U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner Allows Your Window to Open and Close!

This is by far one of the best inventions we have seen this year. The U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner lets you open and close your window after the unit is installed.  This is unheard of with conventional window air conditioner units which require the window to remain permanently closed.  The Midea U-Shaped air conditioner innovative design allows for easy quick installation, all that is required is to snap the bracket on your window and place the AC Unit, then further secure the unit with the side arms.  Since your window can now be opened, while the unit is installed, there is no need to remove it once during the winter months, it can remain installed all year round.


In addition to its innovative design, the U-Shaped air conditioner produces only 42 dBA of noise that is primarily because of its U-Shape with the window sliding completely between the two halves of the unit separating the compressor outside thereby reducing interior noise.  The powerful fan distributes cold air up to 20 feet inside every corner of your room.  The unit is also energy efficient with up 35% power usage reduction and Wifi enabled which allows you to control the machine from anywhere using your iOS or Android devices.
Check it Out on Indiegogo

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Apple Watch Alternative Xiaomi Amazfit GTS: Price and rReview 2020

Xiaomi has been producing success after success and the only category that lacked a bit was the smartwatch space. They made these cheap watches like the Amazfit Bip , Amazfit Bip Lite and so on. So far they have not made a smart watch that competed with Apple or the like. Xiaomi has had enough and they bring the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS.

With a style and design similar to the Apple watch, cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Active. Xiaomi’s giant killer is Apple Watch Alternative. Introducing the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS. In this Amazfit GTS review, we see if this Xiaomi smartwatch can beat the other competitors.

Review of Xiaomi Amazfit GTS


The impressive battery life is more than two weeks
AMOLED beautiful display
Waterproof and you can swim with him!


The sports characteristics do not live up to the standards
Synchronization is a problem.

Summary: The Amazfit GTS is not the most impressive smart watch that exists. But it works like a mid-level smart watch between low-budget and high-end ones.

Price – $ 139

Design and visualization of Amazfit GTS

Introducing the Amazfit GTS. In this Amazfit GTS review, we see if this Xiaomi smartwatch can beat the other competitors

  • It is obvious, isn’t it? It looks so similar to the Apple Watch, I’m sure the instructions for smartwatch designers were “Make it look like the Apple Watch.”
  • At first glance, it looks like the Apple Watch. Does it matter?
  • In the grand scheme of things, no. It is a design and a style that people like, and if you can get an Apple-like watch at such a low price, why not?
  • The design also has a crown on the side that can be used to wake up the smart watch.
  • The clock itself is quite thick, with 9.4 mm. The beautiful AMOLED screen is 1.65 inches that sits on a plastic base. It has an always active screen that looks great.
  • It has numerous styles of watch faces that look great. The colors are crisp and look pretty amazing. If you keep the brightness in automatic, you will save much of the battery life.
  • In the sunlight? It’s crystal clear and crystal clear!
  • Xiaomi Amazfit GTS has a 20mm thick silicone strap and comes in numerous colors.
  • Because it is a fairly thick watch, it is not so heavy at all.

Features and settings of Amazfit GTS

Even the Amazfit Bip Lite had a good GPS tracking function that was quite impressive. It’s the same for the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS too. The software is basic, but functional.

With a simple swipe up, you are offered the menu options that allow you to access

Daily status
Activity data
Training modes
You can also find your phone with your Xiaomi Amazfit GTS smart watch, where your phone beats loudly through the application. A very useful feature.

You can monitor your heart rate throughout the day and the data is quite accurate, which makes it the perfect gift for parents and grandparents.

Once they can use the built-in GPS to trace their routes and see how much they have worked, which is quite motivating for runners.

Check it out here

The Amazfit GTS is not the most impressive smart watch that exists

The battery life of the Amazfit GTS

The battery life of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS is impressive. The biggest problem with most smartwatches is the frequency with which they have to be put in charge. With some of my other devices, because I forget to charge it, I have to leave my smartwatch at home, which is irritating.

Even with the use of the GPS function and the activity tracking function, the GTS can easily last a week and a half.

The always on display considerably consumes the battery life and is a feature that most people turn off because the battery would not last even a few days with it on. That is disappointing because it is a feature that most people would like.

I can compare the battery life of this smart watch with that of the Bip Lite, which is quite impressive, and this is supported by that comparison!

Although most features work as advertised, the step counter in the Xiaomi Amazfit GTS has a problem. Sometimes it twists and records steps that have not been taken.

Another disadvantage of this smart watch is the application. The Xiaomi Amazfit GTS application is a replica of the Mi Fit application and is not too intuitive. It has its problems and one could find the synchronization of the application with the phone.

Otherwise, notifications are fairly easy to configure.

The Amazfit GTS has a 20mm thick silicone strap and comes in numerous colors

Amazfit GTS price

The GTS review is a very nice watch. It is more expensive than budget versions like the Amazfit Bip and the Lite. It looks like the Apple Smartwatch and has an amazing screen with a brightness that can temporarily blind you.

Is it worth the price of 150 dollars?

Not really.

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AirPods Pro vs AirPods: What’s the difference? | Smart Home – Smart Gadgets

Should you buy the standard AirPods or the AirPods Pro? Here’s how Apple’s truly wireless earbuds stack up.

Apple currently makes two true wireless earbud models: the second-gen AirPods (which list for $159, but are generally sold for closer to $139) come with optional wireless charging, and the $249 AirPods Pro, which feature active noise cancellation. I personally prefer the AirPods Pro and rated them higher than the standard AirPods in my review. But they cost around $110 more than the base AirPods (without wireless charging) and not everyone likes their noise-isolating design, which leaves you with a silicone ear tip pushed slightly into your ear canal. The looser fit of the AirPods has its advantages — and not everyone wants to spend $250 on earphones, especially ones that are easy to lose. 


AirPods AirPods Pro
list price $159 $249
active noise-cancellation? no yes
noise-isolating design? no yes
battery life (between in-case charges) 4.5 hours 5 hours
wireless charging? In $199 model yes

That, in a nutshell, is why some people aren’t sure about which AirPods to buy. And while there are plenty of excellent non-Apple true wireless earbuds out there — just peruse my list of the best true wireless earbuds of 2020 — you’re presumably here because you’re on the fence about the AirPods or AirPods Pro. So let’s see if we can help you make a decision.

Airpods 2019

Simply put, the main reason to buy the standard AirPods is to save money. The model with the regular charging case currently sells for $139 while the model with the wireless charging case sells for $169 ($199 if you buy at the Apple Store). Occasionally, the prices dip to $130 and you can find “renewed” options for as low as $120. I personally think wireless charging is a bit overrated (when it comes to headphones, anyway), so I wouldn’t pay the extra money for it. If I was buying the standard AirPods, my goal would be to pay as little as possible for them.

As I said, some people don’t like having silicone buds stuck in their ears. That’s the reason why so many people like the original AirPods. They just sort of nestle in your ear — and when they fit right, they’re really comfortable. And a few folks in our office have told me that even though the AirPods Pro sounded better, they still preferred the fit of the regular AirPods.

I, unfortunately, am among those who can’t get the standard AirPods to stay in my ears securely without using third-party stabelizing wings (and you have to take off the wings to get the AirPods back in their charging case, which is a nuisance). That’s the main reason I prefer the AirPods Pro. 

The biggest drawback of the standard AirPods’ “open” design is that it allows ambient sound to leak in. They sound decent in quieter environments — and their performance as a headset for making calls is almost as good as the AirPods Pro — but the listening experience deteriorates in noisy environments.

Airpods Pro

The standard AirPods fit some people’s ears perfectly (some people have no trouble running with them), but plenty of people can’t get a secure fit. If you’re in the latter group, I highly recommend you spend the extra money on the AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro design simply fits more ears than the original AirPods. I hesitate to call it a universal fit because there are always exceptions, but they’re close.

As noted, the only issue is that some people simply don’t like having silicone buds stuck in their ears, even if they’re as soft and pliant as these tips are. Also, some people are sensitive to the pressure sensation, albeit it slight, that’s a bi-product of active noise-cancelling.

The first thing you notice about the AirPods Pro is that they simply sound better than the standard AirPods because they have more bass. The reason they have more bass is largely due to their new noise-isolating design and new drivers that are tuned for that design. The standard AirPods sound decent enough in quiet places but due to their open design, they just don’t do well when confronted with external noise (the bass frequencies get drowned out). The AirPods’ noise cancellation, which is effective, also helps with external noise, and the combination of the seal of the tips and the active noise cancellation means they sound much better in noisier environments such as city streets.

The standard AirPods are quite good for making calls. With the release of the second-gen model last year — the ones discussed above — Apple improved their noise-reduction capabilities, particularly wind noise. The AirPods Pro have three microphones on each bud, one of which is a beamforming mic that’s designed to pick up your voice. They also have similar noise-reduction capabilities, plus a vent system that’s not only supposed to relieve some of the pressure that can build up in your ear from a noise-isolating design coupled with noise-cancelling features, but can help cut down on wind noise a tad, an Apple rep told me. More importantly, you can simply hear callers better because of the Pros’ noise-isolating design.

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Apple’s 2020 and Future iPhones – What’s Expected

Apple is always adding new features to the next generation of future iPhones. Ever since the launch of the very first iPhone, we can track the upgrades as the next generation model surfaces.

In terms of memory, the company has been rather conservative. While competing Android-based flagship models would overcompensate with memory, iPhones get the bare minimum.

From a technical standpoint, Apple controls both hardware and software on the iPhone. As a result, the company knows exactly how much RAM each iPhone needs. Even though, having more RAM isn’t always a bad thing.

Future iPhones will always come with new features and more advanced technology. However, we have no idea in what direction Apple will go.

iPhone 12 and future iphones could have 6GB RAM and up

When it comes to multitasking on the iPhone, more memory is necessary. We are expecting iPhones in 2020 and beyond to feature 6GB RAM and up.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max may be the first to come with 6GB RAM each. This was an upgrade from 4GB of RAM on the previous models.

Barclay’s analysts believe that the regular iPhone 12 will still feature 4GB RAM. This is agreeable since the regular iPhone is normally an affordable option. On the contrary, this is all speculation so take with a grain of salt.

Future iPhones could be forced to use USB Type C

The European Union has been pushing for a standard mobile charger. It has been on their agenda for years, as a result, most manufacturers have settled with micro USB.

USB Type-C Charger Port

Most of these manufacturers have since moved on to using USB-C (Type-C). However, Apple has been one of the companies holding out against the change. Apple argued switching to USB-C from Lightning would create lots of waste.

According to Business Insider, the EU has rejected the argument with an overwhelming vote of 582-40, in favor of a standard mobile charger. As a result, Apple could be forced to use USB-C charging on iPhones once the law goes into effect.

Apple has since argued that the new rules would stifle innovation, however, the EU rejects the claim. Due to this new legislation, we could see future iPhones with a USB-C charging port.

What Apple’s iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max could look like

Apple is now working on the iPhone 12 series. According to reports, these will include the iPhone 12 along with the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

Leaked information suggests the iPhone 12 will not feature a new design after all. However, we can expect some iPhone 12 models to get a huge RAM boost, and more energy-efficient screen.

Instead of a total makeover, we could see minor changes in the design. According to rumors, the iPhone 12 could lack the notch on the screen. One other report suggests Apple is working on new Face ID technology. This new tech could lead to a redesigned and probably slimmer notch.

If Apple drops the notch, then the camera would have to be built into the screen. Leaked details also suggest an in-screen fingerprint scanner. This would be awesome, as the company dropped the fingerprint scanner on the current model.

The most popular rumor of the iPhone 12 series is that it will support 5G connectivity. Equally, is the rumor that 2020 iPhones will take design cues from the iPhone 4.

Regardless of its design and features, the latest iPhone is always a fan favorite. Apple hasn’t confirmed any of the iPhone 12 features, so this is all speculation.

A Foldable iPhone could be in the near future

Foldable smartphones such as the Galaxy Fold seems to be the next trend. However, they all seem to be facing a similar problem, repeated folding cause a crease to form.

A new patent by Apple would have us believe the company has found a solution to the problem. The patent reveals a foldable design that doesn’t crease the display.

Future iPhones

Apple’s newly discovered patent reveals that they have been experimenting with foldable screens. It would appear the experiment has been going on for a while, so could we see a foldable iPhone soon?

There are two separate sections of the display. Once it unfolds, each section moves closer and connects to fill the gap. Flip to close and both sections separate, hence no crease in the display.

This isn’t confirmation of a foldable iPhone, but since Apple owns this patent show they are experimenting with the idea.

In conclusion, there’s no official information on the upcoming iPhones. We may see new designs and new features or we may not. Apple normally releases its new iPhones in September, so it’s safe to say September 2020 is the launch of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

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58 insanely neat photos of cables that belong in a modern art g

There’s a certain breed of IT worker who has a deep fetish for all things neat and tidy.

The result is a server room with hundreds of cables neatly organised, cable-tied and manipulated into perfect angles. Not only is the outcome aesthetically pleasing, it’s also technically practical. 

We’ve collected some of the best images of these masterfully neat cables for you to enjoy. Perhaps some inspiration while you’re stuck indoors with nothing better to do?


Retro gaming setup

Perhaps the neatest gaming setup you’ve ever seen. This image not only features some next level cable management, it also includes all manner of retro gaming machines. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the shelf above the TV. 


Subtle gaming setup

This neat gamer went entirely the other way with their cable management. Going as far as installing not one, but two gaming machines on the back of their TV and keeping all the cables nice and neat and out of sight. Seems like a great way to sneak a new device into the house without your other half noticing as well. 

National Energy Technology Laboratory

National Energy Technology Laboratory

This cable porn comes from the National Energy Technology Laboratory, part of the U.S. Department of Energy. It’s good to see that even Government bodies take cable management seriously.

Centro Nacional de Supercomputación

Barcelona Super Computer

This super-computer is a superb work of art, you can tell this setup means serious business.


Pathtrack install

This copper colour wiring seems to give the impression of metal pipework and electrical/data wiring coming together in perfect unison.


Micro wiring

This neat wiring could easily be present in your phone or tablet. Tiny attention to detail ensuring the best results from our digital world.


Tiny circuit board wiring

This tiny circuit board wiring shows that cable management is a fine art, even at the tiniest level.


Braided cables from CERN

It’s no surprise that CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, needs some serious cabling to keep their research running.


Purple paradise

Thick batches of purple cable neatly line the walls of this rack. You can only imagine the amount of time and effort that went into this setup.


Interlaced insanity

A couple more colours and we’d almost have a rainbow of wiring in this photo.


So many colours

So many colours and such precision all in one place.


Service loop

A mass of cables loop their way down a ladder, neatly tied and kept in place.


Power cable neatness

This photo had Redditors arguing as the angle of the photo makes it look like the cables are going in the wrong holes. Even the internet can’t be calmed by simple neat cabling and zip ties.


Up to the heavens

This is some seriously impressive wiring, wiring that even God would be proud of. A tubular mass of wires take all the data up through the ceiling to where it’s needed.


Stairwell pipe-chase

This overhead pipework is pleasantly neat and easy on the eye. We wonder how many people take the time to stop and look up when walking down these twisting corridors.


Purple rainbows

These neat and arching cables clearly took hours of meticulous work to put together. You have to admire the handiwork and the dedication to cable perfection.


German efficiency

This cabling and pipework dates back to the 1930’s and hails from Germany. It’s no surprise to see the Germans being as efficient with their pipework as they are with everything else. Everything in its place and a place for everything.


Curvaceous cabling

You have to admire this curvaceous cabling, magnificent lines and a high attention to detail.


Baby Rack

It might be tiny compared to some of the other racks we’ve seen, but the cabling here is still impressive.


Insane cable management

Another neat snap of perfectionist level cable management. Again, this one had Redditors arguing about whether there were enough cable ties being used or too many.


The internet

This photo is simply labelled “the internet” but despite the neatness, we’re not too sure there are enough cables here to hold the whole internet.


All the colours of the internet

Wonderful domestic wiring captured in a simple photo of a number of ethernet cables neatly arranged on their journey from the home broadband router.


Video routing needs neat cabling too

Even video streaming and routing needs neat cabling. This Redditor is understandably impressed with their work and with good cause too.


Cable management is an art

Seeing this cable management, Redditor Bitwaba commented “Cable management is an art, but if to maintain it you have to be an artist, then you’re making it more complicated than it should be.” This single comment sums up almost all the photos in this article.


A rainbow of cables

This Redditor attempted to create a rainbow out of their cabling and the outcome is as neat as it is colourful.


Small but neat

This wiring is from a self-built PC and shows the dedication to cable management and neatness these enthusiasts have when building their own machines.


Google’s TensorFlow Cloud Service

A photo from behind the scenes at the inner workings of Google’s mammoth machine. This wiring is part of the machinery used for machine learning, so you can imagine the data that passes through these wires.


Mean green cable machine

We’re green with envy. This insanely neat cabling is a joy to behold.


Mellow yellow

Bright yellow cabling curls and curves in satisfying ways, taking data off to where it’s needed most.


Living room pleasure

Neat and tidy cables don’t just belong in the workplace, here a piece of ethernet cabling has been turned into a work of art rather than just an eye-sore.


White and blue is good for you

To the keen eye, this cabling boasts both Velcro ties and zip ties to keep the cables neat and tidy and drive the cable porn enthusiasts insane.



Ceiling wiring racks help keep these neat cables out of view at this datacenter which you could argue is a shame, but it’s certainly neat and practical.


Multi-core power cable

This multi-core power cabling shows that even power cables can be neatly organised.


Mobile cabling exposed

A snap of a mobile broadcasting van captured at the London Marathon. Exposed wiring and innards no doubt help with air flow and cooling during the hot days.


Top down cabling

Neat cabling with curves flows down like a waterfall of data. Magnificent and intricate.


Pipework to be proud of

Neatness isn’t just for cabling. The organisation of this pipework is as admirable as it is beautiful.


Digital TV wiring

This is what it looks like when someone with a high attention to detail wires an apartment building for digital television signals all originating from a single dish.


The Cat5-o’-9-Tails

A bored network admin has turned some CAT5 cable into a cat o’ nine tails. This photo gives a whole new meaning to the term “cable porn”.


Purple cable porn

This magnificent purple cabling is likely co-axial cables neatly arranged on the inside of a mobile broadcasting truck. A magnificent feat of cabling and tremendous use of cable ties.


Cable or candy?

This colourful wiring could just as easily be mistaken for candy cane.


Contrived conduits

This beautiful pipework made its way onto Reddit under /r/conduitporn/ and shows that it’s not just wiring that people get obsessive about.


Electric meter neatness

This is a transformer rated electric meter for a 2000 Amp service. A neat piece of work by the installer on a powerful bit of kit.


Cables as art

This one looks more like a work of art than a photo of technology it’s just that neat and tidy. There’s no denying the symmetry is pleasing to the eye.

Alejandro Cynowicz/Flickr

The seriously neat server room

Photographer Alejandro Cynowicz says he hates cables, but their company takes the matter of neat cabling extremely seriously.


The neat green machine

This sort of cabling gets the wiring nerds arguing about what a nightmare it would be if a single cable needed replacing.


Colourful completion

You can almost feel the satisfaction of a job well done when looking at this photo taken at the end of a completed cabling mission. Neat and tidy and everything in its correct place.


Mapped out cable art

This work of cable art looks like someone tried to map out the London underground using power cables and wall tacks.


Neat and colourful

When airflow is important, there’s even more value to neat wiring than just being easy on the eye.

Brandon O’Connor/Flickr

More mellow yellow 

There seems to be a theme with these cable enthusiasts with a passion for yellow cables.

Centro Nacional de Supercomputación

Barcelona Super Computer

Super-computing in Barcelona is serious business.


Before and after

Many of these images feature some seriously neat cabling, but you rarely get to see any insight into the level of effort that goes into these photos. Well, now you can as this Redditor has shown off what the cable mess looked like originally before they “fixed” it. This fine craftsmanship took six hours of human effort to complete. 


PC gamers do it best

As PC gamers and builders ourselves, we can always appreciate a bit of neat cable management when it comes to a gaming PC build. This Redditor is clearly a master of sleeved cables and zip ties. It’s stunning. 


A musical instrument

Where most of these tidy cable images involve great swathes of cables being neatly tied and bundled together, this one went the other way. This image comes from Facebook’s offices and shows a cable setup that looks like it could be played like a musical instrument. 


The Cloud

Is this what the cloud really looks like? A magnificent view of cable heaven. 


TV production levels of awesome

This incredibly beautiful cable view shows a mass of cables being used at a large TV production facility. A total of 576 ports filled with all the necessary neat cables.  


Service loops

Some might argue that this is unnecessary and some of it could have been done out of sight, but we have to admire the craftsmanship of these service loops. Wonderfully neat and organised cables separated and controlled in the most magnificent of ways. 


Four days of work

This impressive mass of cables apparently took Reddit user T—Ham four days to put together this neatly. He said there were at least 378 cables in this setup and his hands were raw by the end, but oh boy was it worth it. 


Attention to detail

From massively neat and satisfying cable constructions down to tiny works of art like this. Cable management beauty is everywhere. This photo shows the results of a fine piece of working hardware modding a PlayStation 2. Neat cabling running away from the freshly installed chip. 

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