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Huawei P50 could be first to have a liquid lens camera

A patent filed with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) could result in Huawei being the first to market with a phone sporting a “liquid lens” camera.

Indeed, we might even see the technology debut on the Huawei P50 next year.

Huawei Central

Liquid lens technology uses optical grade liquid inside a cell structure rather than optical glass. This is more fluid, so when adjusted mechanically or electronically, it can completely change its shape, and therefore alter focal distance more effectively and speedily.

Modules that use liquid lens tech can therefore greatly shorten the response time when focusing, when compared to those using conventional lenses. It is also a more effective technology for optical image stabilisation.

It’s not a new technology, having been used in manufacturing machinery, microscopes and even the camera systems on professional-grade drones before, but its not yet appeared in a phone camera.

Huawei Central

Huawei’s patent shows a camera module made up of several parts, including a liquid lens. It states that the adoption of the tech will indeed improve the camera’s autofocus and image stabilisation properties.

It is also more stable: “This structure [is] used to move the liquid lens to achieve autofocus and optical image stabilization. Moreover, the solution also improves the stability and reliability of the motor under conditions such as impact or drop,” it says in the patent document, as reposted by Huawei Central.

The patent was initially filed on Christmas Day 2019, and approved on 7 April 2020.

Hopefully that means we’ll see the tech used in a product in the next year.

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Flic 2 Review: The Ultimate Smart Button That Integrates Anything With a Web API

The smartest smart buttons money can buy, and very developer friendly. Which is good, because the APIs of the products it integrates with are often lacklustre, and you’ll need to spend time on workarounds getting things to work as you want.

Source: Flic 2 Review: The Ultimate Smart Button That Integrates Anything With a Web API

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Best Garmin Watches in 2020 Multisport, Running, Sports Watch

The Garmin Fenix 5X is the pinnacle of outdoor adventure racing watches. The Fenix 5X solidly retains its membership in what we call the BAW (bad-ass watch) club with a size and shape similar to its predecessor, the Fenix 3 HR. It has the same round face and five-button layout (three on the left side, two on the right), a similar stainless steel bezel, and the identical sapphire crystal lens. The case of the 5X, which is water-resistant to 10 ATMS, measures 51 mm in diameter and is 17.5 mm thick, just like the Fenix 3 HR, and includes the same optical heart rate monitor on the back. With the 5X, Garmin has bumped up the resolution of the colour LCD screen from 218 x 218 pixels to 240 x 240 pixels, giving the new watch a noticeable increase in screen detail. The 5X also features Garmin’s new Quickfit watch band system that allows different bands to be swapped out quickly, easily, and without any tools.

Inside, the Garmin Fenix 5X  has all the tech. Like the other members of the Fenix 5 family, it includes preconfigured apps for tracking road cycling, mountain biking, walking, hiking, running (outdoors, treadmill, and indoor track), swimming (pool and open water), snowboarding, skiing (cross-country and downhill), stand-up paddling, rowing (outdoor and indoor), and yes, even golf. It also pairs via ANT+ to all manner of sensors including cycling power meters, cadence sensors, running dynamics pods, temperature sensors, and more. When paired with a compatible smartphone, it delivers smart notifications and text messages, as well of the first few lines of emails. And if what’s on the watch isn’t enough, the 5X is compatible with Garmin’s Connect IQ store, which is loaded with downloadable apps that can add even more functions to the watch.

Garmin is constantly upgrading the software on its GPS watches, so there is no reason to worry that the Fenix 5X will be outdated when the company announces its next version of the Fenix. Garmin’s solid history of giving older watches the same software upgrades that the newer watches get means the 5X will most likely remain full-featured for years to come.

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DIY Garden Guest House or Backyard Home Office

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DIY Garden Guest House

This DIY Garden Guest House can be assembled in less than 24-Hours!

This DIY Garden Guest House by Allwood is the perfect guest house for your backyard that you can assemble in less than 24-hours with two adults and can be done in about 8-hours with experienced builders.  This solid wood structure has an inside floor area of 172 Sqf. with 13/16” wall thickness and is ideal for backyards as a recreational lounge, guest house or home office.  The structure actually comes in two separate 86 Sqf. Pieces that are connected together.  One 86 Sqf. Section is the housing quarters while the other is an outdoor covered porch.  A great investment for properties with large backyards and can also be used in rural settings for storage.
Get it Here on Amazon

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Learn how to Change the watch face on Amazfit Bip | Smart Home – Smart Gadgets

Follow the guide below to easily learn how to change the watch face on your Amazing, Amazfit Bip.

Huami Amazfit Bip smartwatch has numerous capabilities and might be one of the first-rate smartwatch to be had at a completely low fee. apart from the capabilities, it additionally has loads of watch faces to select from which is good for the younger era as only a single, easy and simple watch face within the display won’t meet the need of them. you can easily change the watch faces on your Huami Amazfit Bip using the Amazfit Bip & Cor WatchFaces for Android and Amaztools app on the iPhone. So, on this post, we are able to share with you a manual on a way to change the watch face on Huami Amazfit Bip smartwatch.

furthermore, you may select from a wide type of watch face that fits your needs. this is one of the interesting functions of this smartwatch that it permits the person to use a custom watch face at the same time as a few of the smartwatches at this price range have boundaries on those capabilities. other clever bands or smartwatches have a limited set of watch faces pre-installed on the watch and that’s it, there is no way to install and use custom watch faces on your smartwatch. but, thinking about the fee of this Huami Amazfit Bip smartwatch has all the bases covered and is a pleasing gadget to own.

The Amazfit Bip is geared up with the IP68 standard which makes it completely water resistant. so that you can use it beneath the rain or maybe when you swim due to the fact it is able to face up to to 30m underwater. The watch has a coloration lcd display which shows information with a resolution of 176 x 176 pixels. it’s far a reflective panel with a view to let you store battery while it is in stand via, as it will nonetheless be able to reveal you what time is it. It has a heart charge sensor and a GPS + GLONASS module, in addition to Bluetooth in version four.0, that may let you pair it along with your smartphone.

The Amazfit Bip can also display notifications from the smartphone as every suitable smartwatch. It has an accelerometer and a barometer sensor as properly. Its battery has a capability of just a hundred ninety mAh but it has terrific battery life. The watch can last 45 days of every day use if you set the brightness to ten percent. It helps the monitoring of the subsequent activities:

you can connect the watch to Android four.4+ and IPhone eight+ phones.

Below are the steps through which you can enjoy custom watch faces on your Huami Amazfit Bip smartwatch.


  1. First of all, you need to download the Watch face change App from the Google Play Store. You can click the button below to redirect to the Play Store.
  2. Now, let us take the Amazfit Bip & Cor Watch Faces App as an example.

3. Once you have downloaded the application then, you need to connect the Huami Amazfit Bip with your Android device, and then open the Amazfit Bip & Cor Watch Faces App.

4. Now, once you have opened the application, you need to just go through the vast collection of the watch faces that this application has to offer.

5. Select the best one that suits your liking and enter the download page. You can also view all the downloaded watch faces on this page. If you wish to install the watch face on your Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch, you just need to tap “Install”.

6. After some seconds, the watch face will be installed on your smartwatch and voila! you are done.


1. You need to firstly, download the Watch face change App from the Apple App Store.

2. Now, this guide is for Apple iPhone. So, we will use the AmazTools App.

3. Once you have downloaded the AmazTool application on your iPhone, connect the Huami Amazfit Bip with your iPhone.

4. After a successful connection, open the AmazTools App.

5. After turning on your smartwatch, check the matching device again, and at this stage, you have to select Amazfit Bip watch and press “continue”

6. Now, once you have successfully paired your device with the iPhone, go to the “Browse”, which contains ton loads of watch faces. Then, choose the watch face you like.

7. Select your favourite watch face and enter the download page. All downloaded faces can be viewed once you are in the Downloads. If you want to install the dial on your Huami Amazfit Bip, just select “Install” to complete the installation.

8. Now, after the installation is complete, you can use the new custom dial on your Huami Amazfit Bip smartwatch.

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Teracube Smartphone delivers high-end Specifications at half price plus a 4-year warranty

The Teracube Smartphone features all you need in a smartphone and more, according to its pitch for crowdfunding. The Teracube is a high-end smartphone that costs a third of the latest iPhone and to top it all off, there’s a free 4-year warranty.

As the first-ever phone to enter the market with a 4-year warranty and high-end specifications, the Teracube is priced at only $349. It’s a wow-factor if you remember that the newly launched iPhone 11 Pro will cost you a month’s rent.

This new smartphone is definitely worth watching and snatching once it’s available commercially. Even though it has a specification sheet that matches up to any flagship smartphone you can think of, what really took me by surprise was the 4-year warranty that ships with each device, this is a game-changer.

Most of us can relate as it has happened to me more than once. I purchased the latest iPhone and pay a monthly charge with my bill to the carrier. The minute the full cost is covered, your iPhone battery goes, an accident happens or some form of misfortune. Only to find out that the device is now out of warranty, so you have to cough up a few hundred bucks or enter into a new agreement with your carrier for another phone.

Teracube 4-Year Warranty

The company behind Teracube promises a 4-year hassle-free warranty. This means that the company promises high performance for years, express replacement, free battery change and a mere $39 to replace the screen if accidentally damaged, compared to $300 or more for a flagship screen replacement, this less than you spend buying coffee each week.

Teracube Warranty Chart

Teracube warranty covers all parts, the device’s performance, labor, and a two-shipping at no cost to you. If you like keeping a phone until the buttons fall out like me, you should be freaking ecstatic right now.

The Nokia 3310 just found its young sibling. Not referring to the aerodynamic-looking remade version for Latin America, I mean the old-school Nokia 3310 from the early 2000s.

Teracube Specifications


A rock-solid warranty program, one of the best price-point we’ve seen for a flagship-grade smartphone, and still the Teracube didn’t stumble on the hardware and features.

It is equipped with a 6.2-inch Full HD+ display with a 1080 x 2280 pixel resolution. The screen features a notch, similar to the new iPhone. However, the notch can be hidden if want to.

Teracube display was constructed using gorilla glass which is more durable than normal glass and is scratch resistant.

Teracube packs the power a MediaTek P60 Octa-core processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. In addition to the massive storage capacity, the phone supports microSD cards up to 256GB.

Other noteworthy features include face unlock, a fingerprint sensor on the rear for added security, PIN and pattern unlocking, Google Pay, Dual-SIM, and 3,400mAh battery to keep the lights on all day.

On the rear, there’s a dual-camera setup which includes 12-megapixel and a 5-megapixel lens while the selfie camera on the front features an 8-megapixel lens.

There’s also a slew of connectivity options; these are WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NFC, and a USB-C port. Teracube will ship with Android 9 Pie but the Android 10 update will be available in spring 2020.

We aren’t the only ones ecstatic about this new durable phone. The company started a crowdfunding campaign seeking $25k to go to production and has since has surpassed $95k in funding. The campaign closes in 15 days, go grab the early bird special at $199, that’s a $150 discount.

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These pictures of retro tech show you how far we’ve come

There’s nothing like an advert for a spurious technological product in black and white to make you realise just how much progress we’ve made as a tech society. Whether it’s bizarre contraptions for making phone calls or lighting products that barely look safe, it’s fair to say that we’ve all got a heck of a lot more access to reliable tech now.

Still, there’s a lot of fun and interest to be found in surveying images of old tech and reminding ourselves of how things used to be. That’s where Concept Talk’s Instagram feed comes in – it’s full of amazing photos from days gone by. We’ve combed through it to find some amazing photographs for your browsing pleasure. 

Concept Talk

Future aesthetics

Cars reflect our times more than we sometimes realise – their designs and looks are generally tied to the sort of tech that we as a society are purchasing and hankering for. No wonder, then, that this Ford model looks so funky – it’s from the 70s and we just can’t get enough of that colourful stripe. 

Concept Talk

Pimp my ride

Bikes, compared to cars at least, haven’t changed nearly so much – after all, the core technology can only come on so far. That said, it’s been a while since we saw a lighting option for a bicycle quite like this one, which straps a frankly astonishing number of bulbs to your bike. If people were concerned about being seen when it was dark, this certainly would have solved the problem. 

Concept Talk

Social isolation

People’s imagined versions of the future always make for fascinating comparisons after the fact, and this painting from Italy is a perfect example. Its vision of isolated individuals zipping around in personal vehicles that seal them off from the rest of society is, on the one hand, far-fetched, but also bears at least a passing resemblance to some aspects of how we live now. 

Concept Talk

Green skies

People also liked to imagine what our cities would look like decades into the future, and these predictions seem, for whatever reason, to often skew towards the optimistic. Hence you get ideas like this one, which posited that the skyscrapers shooting up in cities around the globe would all be topped by gardens to lessen their environmental and visual impact. Sadly, this hasn’t really proven true. 

Concept Talk

Neon demon

Going all the way back to 1930, this neon salesman’s case is a great example of how futuristic some real retro technology can be – the way these tubes are powered is so low-fi that most of us would struggle to comprehend it. What’s obvious, though, is that it has a gorgeous look and feel to it, sure to be a collector’s item nowadays. 

Concept Talk

Gaming rig

Fast-forwarding rapidly into this century, we love this image, because of how well we know that it was, in its day, the height of sophistication. This is someone’s amazing rig to play flight simulators on, even if a modern PC gamer would snort at the idea. Compare those chunky monitors to modern ultra-wide options and you’ll see the definition of progress. 

Concept Talk

Operator, please

This is a photo so farfetched as to look amusing, but this idea of how people might look if fashion changed drastically, while telecommunications technology stayed bafflingly static, makes for an amusing collage of concepts. 

Concept Talk

Space commander

Similarly, this isn’t an actual design or prototype of a spacesuit, as we’d hope would be obvious, but even as an exploration of what suits could one day look like, it’s amusing how far off-base it is. 

Concept Talk

Nap pods

Meanwhile, this concept for a nap pod now looks mighty prescient. It might not be right in design terms, with the bulbous looks no longer in vogue at all, but ever since Google famously added napping stations to its huge campus in Silicon Valley, nap pods have become, if not popular, at least accepted. 

Concept Talk


Setting aside Elon Musk’s folly in the form of the Cybertruck, we think it’s fair to say that car design has got a heck of a lot less interesting over the last few decades, as this gorgeous model demonstrates. While it might not have been a bestseller, we can’t see such a radical design getting made now. 

Concept Talk

Quite a den

This artist’s idea of what an ideal den would look like, meanwhile, has us drooling in envy. If you mentally upgrade its pinball table to a games console, this really isn’t that far off what people aspire to nowadays, as much as its aesthetics are wild. Who wouldn’t want a pool-room?!

Concept Talk


By contrast, this simple image of a phone from the 70s is a useful reminder that actual, physical tech from decades gone by can often be underwhelming or even openly a bit ugly. We’re not saying that floral prints and patterns are always grim, but we’re also not sure we’d want this telephone in our house. 

Concept Talk

Clash of cultures

We like this image for how dated different elements of it are – in particular, the contrast between the futuristic TV set (for the time) and the dolls sat on the shelves to its right – showcasing how quickly tech marched on in the 20th Century.

Concept Talk

Communal listening

We’d like to say that easy headphone splitting has become way easier since this image, but it amusingly hasn’t really, at least not if you still want eight kids to listen to the same source of audio. Still, whatever solution exist are probably a damn sight smaller, at least.

Concept Talk

Spin the decks

Speaking of record players, this might be the most ostentatious one we’ve ever seen – a set of decks embedded in what can only be described as a giant marble egg, it’s just about one of the ugliest bits of interior decor on record, we think. 

Concept Talk

Floral again

This phone is a good contrast to the floral print option we featured earlier – it might be using daisies to advertise itself, but the actual design of the telephone is, dare we say it, really nice. It’s elegant and timeless, and we’d happily use it now. 

Concept Talk

Food magic

The cover of this book is a great reminder of how microwaves changed the game when they first became widely available and affordable – speeding up some types of food preparation to the point where young people might genuinely need reminders that the technology isn’t just magic. 

Concept Talk


Spherical televisions are a law unto themselves. We know they don’t make sense ergonomically or for viewing angles, yet we can’t help ourselves when we say that they just look ace. Would we watch a movie on one now? Of course not. Would we have one as an interesting bit of art? Quite possibly. 

Concept Talk

Interesting marketing

The audio mixer itself might be front and centre, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking that we can’t see any modern companies marketing their product with an image of someone enjoying a joint in the background – maybe that’s just us!

Concept Talk

Loud enough?

This photo from the Mitsubishi archive is a fun look at how big a speaker can get if you’re pushing the boundaries of the sensible – we’re not sure what it would sound like turned on, but we can imagine the pain of any sort of interference feeding into it. 

Concept Talk


What better way to market your hi-fi like Philips has done here, with a ruddy great lightning bolt. Marketing copy? No thanks – just give us a stormy sky and huge pink glints on the speakers to show that this thing is built for rock and roll. 

Concept Talk

Rolling out

This might just be the coolest vehicle of any type that we’ve seen in quite some time, but the fact that it was built in the 1930s makes it almost jaw-dropping. We can see the reasons why this didn’t spread to become a normal sort of thing to own, but that’s still a crying shame. 

Concept Talk

Why not?

A burger-shaped phone would later be made iconic by the film Juno, but why not have a portable games console in the same shape? This concept piece is hilarious to look at, and you don’t the sense that its two buttons and a D-pad would be much fun to play, but it’s certainly memorable. 

Concept Talk

Chunky chic

Our final picture is a final phone, too, and we’re honestly torn on it. Is it a great bit of knowingly kitsch design with huge buttons that are unique and fun, or an ugly monstrosity with buttons that should never be replicated anywhere, ever. At the end of the day, we might just have to leave that to you.

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UMIDIGI A7 Pro launches globally

Things might have slowed down quite a bit over the last few months but that doesn’t mean everyone has closed up shop. Phone maker UMIDIGI, for its part, has been rather busy and is back with another new handset.The UMIDIGI A7 Pro, set to arrive on May 26, is a successor to its entry-level A5 Pro and figures to offer a great price to performance ratio. As such, it’s expected to cost less than $150 when it goes on sale.Normally you’d expect some pretty lean specifications for a phone priced this low, and you’d probably be right. But, UMIDIGI being who it is, has some pretty respectable hardware under the hood.The UMIDIGI A7 Pro features four cameras on the rear with AI smarts to capture the best shots in all environments.  The 16-megapixel main lens is supported by a 16-megapixel ultra-wide (120 degree), 5-megapixel macro, and 5-megapixel depth sensor. Around front is a 16-megapixel selfie camera.The UMIDIGI A7 Pro packs a generously sized 6.3-inch waterdrop full screen with FHD (2340 x 1080 pixel) resolution. With an aspect ratio of 19.5:9, it should make for a thin design that’s easy to control in one hand.As far as power goes, the UMIDIGI A7 Pro comes with 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and is will be offered in two storage capacities: 64GB and 128GB. Paired with the enhanced Octa-Core processor, it’s considerably more powerful (AnTuTu 22,547) than its predecessor (92,514).The phone houses a 4,150mAh battery with a 10W charger included in the box and comes in Ocean Blue and Cosmic Black colors.  Also in the way of design, the 2.5D glass back and metal frame and optical plating technology gives the phone a premium flagship appearance.Wrapping up noteworthy specification, there’s a fingerprint scanner on the back, USB Type-C, and a 3-Card Slot (Dual SIM + MicroSD) with up to 256GB expandable memory. Running stock Android 10, the UMIGIDI A7 Pro includes support for global LTE bands and dual 4G VoLTE.Price and AvailabilityThe UMIDIGI A7 Pro will kick off its global sale on May 26 with the new flagship S5 Pro, where it will be offered as part of an UMIDIGI Fan Festival on AliExpress. Although prices are not official just yet, we are told to expect that both the 64GB and 128GB versions will be under $150.The UMIDIGI A7 Pro is already listed at its AliExpress store where you can add it to your cart. With plenty of models in stock and free shipping available, it’s just a matter of days before yours arrives.GiveawayAs we’ve seen time and again, UMIDIGI is giving away 10 units of its A7 Pro in the run-up to the launch. You can join the giveaway and learn more about the phone on UMIDIGI’s official website.UMIDIGI A7 Pro Full SpecsScreen: 6.3” FHD+ Full Screen, 19.5:9CPU: MediaTek, Helio P23, 4xCortex-A53, 2.0GHz & 4xCortex-A53, 1.5GHzGPU: ARM Mali G71 MP2 700MHzRAM: 4GB, LPDDR4x dual-channelStorage: 64GB / 128GBRear camera: 16MP primary camera, F/1.8, 6-element lens, 16MP ultra wide angle camera, FOV 120°, 5MP depth camera, 5MP macro camera, 2cm macro distanceFront camera: 16MP, F/2.0 aperture, 5-element lensConnectivity: Dual 4G/Dual VoLTEBands:4G: FDD-LTE: B1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /7 /8 /12 /13 /17 /18 /19 /20 /26 /28A /28B /B66TDD-LTE: B34 /38 /39 /40 /413G: WCDMA: B1 /2 /4 /5 /6 /8 /19TD-SCDMA: B34 /39CDMA EVDO: BC0 /BC12G: GSM: B2 /B3 /B5 /B8CDMA1X: BC0 /BC1GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDouUSB Type-C, Bluetooth 4.0, OTGBattery: 4150mAh, 10W Fast ChargeDimensions: 158.7 x 74.9 x 8.5 mmWeight: 212gSensors: Rear-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Accelerometer , Gyroscope, Electronic CompassColors: Ocean Blue, Cosmic BlackEDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

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Jump Start Battery Pack, Why You Should Keep One In Car

Jump start battery pack. Why you should keep one in your car at all times.

For a lot of families, the holiday season means a lot of travel. While some people fly, it is not practical to do so to all destinations so driving is the only solution for many journeys. The one thing that can ruin these long drives and make them miserable is car troubles. These troubles can, unfortunately, happen in any weather and at any time, and can be hard to predict. The best thing you can do is to be prepared for any unexpected situation such as waking up to your car’s battery to be flat. It will happen at some point, it is not a question of if, but when. This is where a jump start battery pack comes in handy.

These days relying on a kind soul to appear at the time when your car batteries run out can be a very risky thing to expect. I would suggest you get yourself a portable jump start battery pack for your car. Not only they will get your car going in no time, but they are also so small you can keep them in your glove compartment or boot and even use them to recharge your phone or other devices. Many of the different options on the market are also able to slowly trickle charge your car battery in addition to being able to start it up with ease. Generally, they are relatively inexpensive.

Why a portable jump start battery pack is the best solution. 

Picking up a portable jump start battery pack for your car is one of the best options to ensure your car always stays on the road, whatever the conditions. Traditional jumper cables can work but they are by no means as good an option. They are far from ideal and they require the help of another person and another car and sometimes there simply isn’t any around. In addition to needing someone in another car to help you, you also need your car to be parked in a certain way and jumper cables have the potential to damage both your car and the hosts.

With how affordable and available many portable jump start battery packs are, you’d be doing yourself and your family a disservice by not having one with you on long drives. Check out these options that will mean you will never have to worry about something like this ever being a problem again.

DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh Car Jump Starter will jump-start a car that had been sitting up for months, no waiting around. After jumping the car, it still has an average 98% charge, which is impressive. Its small size makes it ideal to store it in the glove compartment. In addition, with the additional ports, you can charge any smartphone, laptop, whatever! It has an emergency flashing light, flashlight and compass. Definitely a keeper and should be kept in any vehicle for emergencies.

YABER WaterProof Car Battery Jump Starter 600A Peak 12000mAh is really easy to use, pop it right on the battery, give it a minute, and the car turns right over. Very portable and it can also charge your phone. So even if you do not have a car anymore it still has a use as a phone or tablet portable charger. It is a very compact and a strong build jump starter ideal for keeping one on each of your cars so you don’t have to bother anyone on the road. A must have product!

GOOLOO 500A Peak SuperSafe Car Jump Starter is far handier than requiring another vehicle to boost your dead vehicle. The LED is incredibly bright. The 2 USB ports are very handy to charge phones, and the entire unit is smaller than we would have expected, which is great in itself. When you are preparing for any trip, size is a major factor, and this fit the bill perfectly as you can tuck it away almost anywhere in the car. Why would you want to depend on someone’s goodwill when you can do it yourself?

Yaber 1000A 20800mAh Jump Starter is incredibly powerful for its size. I tried it on a v8 truck battery that had gone flat and the starter was only making a clicking noise. As soon as I popped the jump box on it fired right up with no hesitation. I highly recommend that you keep one of these in your car. You will never have to worry about a dead battery again. Definitely, a must have.

NOCO Genius GB150 4000 Amp Jump Starter can jump-start 13.0L Navistar diesel engines with ease, something I thought wasn’t possible from a battery pack of this size. I can see anyone using this almost every day, multiple times in a day. I love being able to use a cigarette lighter 12V charger on my work truck to charge the battery. The digital voltage reading on the front of the battery is super helpful, to check for alternator/generator voltage. Honestly, this thing will get you started whenever you encounter an emergency.

The 5 options above will/would save your skin time and time again. That moment when you realise you left the lights on all night and your batteries are flat is horrible and when it happens, it happens at the worst possible time. Be smart and avoid this ever happening to you again. Click on the above if you want to read the full reviews. Any of them are good options and it is down to personal taste. Technology these days means that with one of these in your car you will no longer have to worry about a flat battery, ever. Looking for more options than these? Check out these alternative jump start battery packs.

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The Baby Shusher Creates Soothing Sounds for Babies

*?php the_post_thumbnail(‘thumbnail-single-image’); ?*/>


Soothing Sounds for Babies

The Baby Shusher Produces Calming, Soothing Sounds for Babies!

The Baby Shusher is an amazing new device that produces soothing sounds for babies to lull them to sleep.  It’s a much needed aid for new parents to lull their newly born to sleep with a calming “shush’ using a real human voice.  It uses an ancient doctor-tested and approved rhythmic shushing technique to help soothe your fussy baby.  This revolutionary device frees up your precious time and helps you as a new parent to get much-needed sleep.  It works by producing loud rhythmic shushing noises to help your babies go to sleep and prevent crying.  The rhythmic sounds remind your baby of being inside mom where they were inundated 24-hours a day with loud sounds of blood flow and other utero noises.  Its versatile and portable design is small, compact, easy to clean and can be used at home or in the car, visiting friends and family and even while shopping.  Makes a perfect gift for baby showers.
Get it Here on Amazon

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