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Fujifilm X-A7 is £495 in Amazon Summer Sale, that’s 29% off

It’s the surprise Amazon Summer Sale, which means discounts on a whole variety of goodies.

Leading the camera charge is almost a third off the Fujifilm X-A7 mirrorless system, complete with 15-45mm lens.


That means you can get this camera for £495 instead of £699, which is a great deal. 

The X-A7 is the more entry-level product in Fujifilm’s X series. It’s got the same Fujifilm X Mount lenses as any other camera in the series, meaning there’s huge potential to expand the camera’s capability with a range of optics.

Its 24-megapixel sensor is 14 times larger than what you’ll find in most smartphones, which goes a long way in delivering much higher quality – including in low-light situations.

On the rear there’s a 3.5-inch screen, which is mounted on a vari-angle bracket to allow for creative framing. There’s no built-in viewfinder, as reflects this models’ entry position.

The X-A7 is available in dark silver or silver finishes, both of which look great. The choice is yours as both are an option in this sale. If you’re interested in checking the two out side by side to see which you prefer, click on the link through to Amazon below.

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Amazon Launches All-New Fire Tablets to Keep You Entertained

Amazon has announced a whole new line of Fire HD 8 tablets, with a range of devices suitable for the entire family. Here’s everything you need to know. Source: Amazon Launches All-New Fire Tablets to Keep You Entertained

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Camera marked down 42% on Amazon

DJI’s 4K HDR action camera, the Osmo Action, usually costs between $400 to $500. But, right now, on Amazon (US), you can get it for half that.

It costs $288 and comes with a 128GB microSD card. You also get DJI’s Care Refresh service plan, which allows up to two replacement units in one year. Even if you disregard those extras, the last time DJI’s action camera had this much of a price reduction was around Christmas. It has maintained its current pricing for months. And we suspect it won’t go on sale again until later this year.

Keep in mind this is DJI’s first action camera. When the company first launched the device, many saw it as a little foolish to go after a market place that GoPro has championed – and one that’s dwindling. But we didn’t think that’s the story.


In our review, we noted DJI has a growing ecosystem of products, with drones and gimbals making up a big part of that. For those shooting outdoor action, this Osmo Action adds another weapon to that arsenal, and – for those with DJI drones and Osmos – it gives them another relatively inexpensive, portable camera to slot into that workflow.

It might not be selling billions, but for the DJI user who wants to stick in the ecosystem, it’s a good extra camera that can enhance creativity.


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Amazon Blink Mini is a tiny indoor camera with two-way audio

Amazon has updated its lineup of Blink home security cameras to include a compact indoor camera.

Called the Blink Mini, it is available for preorder through Amazon for $35. If you get two of them, you can save $5, bringing the total to $65. There’s also a cloud storage service for it that costs $3 per month (or $30 a year) after the free trial.

Blink Mini records 1080p resolution and has two-way audio, which allows you to communicate with whoever it sees using the Blink app. Other features include motion detection and night vision via infrared light. It is a wired camera, too, so there’s no need to switch out the batteries. It can also pair to Alexa devices such as the Echo Show to display a live feed from the camera’s view.

As for that cloud video storage plan, Blink is offering a free trial of Blink Plus until the end of 2020. After that, it costs $3 per month. Previously, Blink didn’t charge to store clips in the cloud. The Blink XT2 even still seems to offer free cloud storage for video for a year. 



Amazon plans to fully launch Blink Mini in the coming weeks. Amazon will also launch the $35 Blink Sync Module 2 later this year, so you can record and locally save clips. Simply plug a USB drive into it, and you can store video from up to 10 different Blink Mini cameras.

You can then watch all your Blink Mini footage from the USB drive itself (when plugged into a PC) or from the Blink Home Monitor. 

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