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Xiaomi’s New Android TV ‘Mi Stick’ a No-Brainer at $45

Xiaomi has detailed a new Android TV-powered HDMI stick for Portugal, priced at around $45. We’re really hoping it comes to the US. Source: Xiaomi’s New Android TV ‘Mi Stick’ a No-Brainer at $45

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab S5e start getting Android 10 with One UI 2.1

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab S5e tablets are now receiving the Android 10 update with One UI 2.1 and the June 2020 Android security patch. Source: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab S5e start getting Android 10 with One UI 2.1 | Android Central

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Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Smartphone Arrives Next Week with Android 10

Google Pixel 4

Google plans to launch its Google Pixel 4 Smartphone at a press event next week. The new smartphone is expected to come with two variants; a standard and an XL variant.

Google Pixel 4

The unveiling event is expected to take place next Tuesday, October 15 at 10 AM ET. Google also plans to reveal a slew of new gadgets at this press event including a new Chromebook. However, it is said that the Google Pixel 4 announcement is likely the biggest.

A few details have been leaked leading up to the launch of Pixel 4. None of these details has been confirmed but we will be able to do so this Tuesday.

Here are some of the details we can expect with the upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL:

Google Pixel 4 will feature advanced motion-sensing technology, which is powered by Google’s Radar Technology. This new feature will allow the user to simply answer the phone by waving their hand or even skip to the next song.

The display will have a 90Hz refresh rate, which allows scrolling and screen animations to feel smoother, according to Google 9to5.

Google has dropped the fingerprint sensor like the Google Pixel 3.

There will be a cutout square on the back of the phone for the camera sensors, similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. In the cutout, there will be a dual-lens camera which was revealed by a photo posted by Google.

We will have a full specifications sheet once the device is launched on Tuesday.

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Best iPhone SD Card Readers and Android SD Card Reader

COASD SD Card Reader for Android OTG

To sum it up, it is cheap, fast and easy to use, it works as it is expected and quite reliably. It isn’t perfect but certainly one of the best amongst the best in terms of data transfer. We stuck a micro SD card in the slot, connected it to a Samsung note 4 – Android, the menu popped up automatically, we clicked on a folder, then clicked on a video and it just played. Took like 15 seconds.


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Could Huawei’s Harmony OS replace Android? | Smart Home – Smart Gadgets

It works on Smartphones, Tablets, Computers.

The new platform, which was formerly known as Hongmeng OS, is primarily based on microkernel similar to Google’s Fuchsia OS. CEO Richard Yu says this allows for flexible deployment across a extensive range of categories which includes clever speakers, cars, computers, smartwatches, tablets, and, of course, smartphones. To make certain this compatibility, Huawei has ensured the platform can work with RAM sizes starting from mere kilobytes to masses of gigabytes.

Apps constructed for the HTML5, Linux, and Android systems “will all be able to run” on harmony OS within the future. To make life less difficult for developers, Huawei could be supplying access to its ARK Compiler on the way to assist assemble code from multiple languages which includes C/C++, Java, and Kotlin. a brand new SDK to make certain compatibility with unique devices will also be provided by means of the organisation. To keep away from any future security worries, it has been confirmed that harmony OS will now not allow for root access, something Huawei says is a protection risk on Android and different Linux-primarily based operating systems.

Huawei’s CEO reiterated the organisation’s commitment to Google’s Android platform and their want to preserve the use of it across the world. but, if at any point it “can’t use [Android] in the future,” the Chinese giant will now not hesitate to “at once switch to harmony OS.” it’s uncertain if the organisation might receive access to Google’s offerings should this manifest, however the organisation boasted it could take as little as 1-2 days to complete the transition.

despite being a pretty lightweight operating system, harmony OS does nonetheless provide a few performance boosts while in comparison to Android. Huawei did not offer specific numbers, but it said the platform could feature a “Deterministic Latency Engine” which basically allocates system resources the use of actual-time evaluation and forecasting. Android, however, makes use of the Linux Kernel’s completely fair Scheduler which creates a timeline of future duties to ultimately distribute resources but is ultimately no longer as efficient. harmony OS also accelerates the process in which the microkernel – the minimum software program required for the OS to work – communicates with apps, documents, and more. In truth, the speed of this communication is reportedly 5 times that of Google’s Fuchsia.

Harmony OS will eventually be an open source platform.

The focal point for harmony OS at the moment seems to be the Chinese market, however Huawei isn’t interested in restricting the platform to its very own devices. due to this, harmony OS could be made absolutely open source in some unspecified time in the future next year, therefore giving rival businesses including Oppo and Xiaomi the possibility to co-develop the operating system with Huawei. regardless of what happens, though, Huawei is more than willing to go it alone. development at the current version of harmony OS started out years ago, however this yr the organisation has accelerated the procedure drastically and expects to bring version 2.0 to market in 2020 and version 3.0 in 2021.
harmony OS 1.0 will be first adopted in Huawei’s upcoming smart screen products, lots of which are due to arrive this yr, inclusive of the brand new Honor vision television which goes on sales in China tomorrow. Over the course of the subsequent 3 years, harmony OS can be optimised further and deployed throughout a broader range of products which includes wear-ables, smart speakers, and the various other categories stated above. Huawei hasn’t yet confirmed plans to launch a harmony OS-powered phone, however reports endorse the organisation’s Mate 30 Lite should ship with the operating system pre-installed.

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Here’s an early look at Walmart’s new dirt cheap Android 10 tablets

Cheap Android tablets are not hard to find, but ones with decent specs and running the latest version of Android can be a little more difficult. Walmart seems to be planning a refresh of its budget tablets from last year to meet that less common option of low cost and latest software.

Source: Here’s an early look at Walmart’s new dirt cheap Android 10 tablets | Android Central

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3 Android TV browsers to check the web on your TV

Android TV is a system that allows us to enjoy any Android application on our TV. But, if you have a TV with this system, you will surely have noticed that it does not have any application to surf the web pre installed.

Luckily, we can find in the Google Play Store several Android TV browsers specially designed for you to use from your TV, so you can check your favorite sites.

It is true that surfing the web on a television is not exactly the most comfortable in the world. But there are occasions (for example, when we want to watch a video that is on a website) when it can be especially comfortable. Therefore, we will show you the best apps for it.

Android TV browsers Google Play Store several browsers specially designed for you to use from your TV, so you can check your favorite sites.

1. TV Bro Web browsers for Android TV

TV Bro is one of the simplest Android TV browsers we can find in the Play Store for Android TV.

Of course, it is important that we keep in mind that it is not compatible with all televisions or all devices. But, if it works for you, it complies with what it promises. It is very simple and does not have too many options. But it does have interesting features such as voice control or the ability to save sites to favorites.

In addition, it is intended for use with the TV remote. If you want to download it and start using it, you can do it in the following link:

Download TV Bro
Developer: Phlox Development
Price: Free

2. TVWeb Browser

This is another of the most popular Android TV browsers. It is intended for use with the remote, and has the ability to save bookmarks or check history. We can download it easily in the following link:

TVWeb Browser for TV
Developer: Rarity Co. Ltd.
Price: Free

3. Firefox for Fire TV

Probably the best to surf the Internet from your TV is not exactly a browser that we can find in the Play Store. And is that Firefox is a tool designed for Amazon Fire TV .

But it has been tested on an Android TV and it works perfectly. And it is probably one of the most complete browsers we can find. It has practically all the options that we can find in the PC version. As we have already mentioned, it is not available in the Play Store, but you can find its apk in the following link:

Download Firefox for Fire TV – APK

Do you have a TV with Android TV at home? Have you ever used it to surf the Internet? Have you used any of these browsers or do you know any other that might be interesting?

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