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Panasonic G100 tracks faces & isolates voices in audio first

As the vlogging world gathers momentum, traditional camera makers are setting their sights onto the portable video camera market. The Panasonic Lumix G100 is one such product – but a camera with many points of difference that help set it apart from its competition.

The G100 comes with OZO Audio by Nokia – it’s the first time this technology has been used in a consumer camera – which can utilise the three on-board cameras to isolate audio. It’s even clever enough to use face-detection tracking and isolate audio to that specific area – matching face to voice for the best possible quality without interference.

Principally the G100 is part of the Lumix G range, meaning it’s an interchangeable lens mirrorless camera. You can switch out lenses as you wish, adjusting the camera’s capabilities as a result. Primarily, however, we suspect most will use this small-scale package with the 12-32mm ultra-compact zoom lens – which comes as part of the kit package – for its wide-angle capabilities.


While most G series cameras aren’t huge by any means, the G100 is considerably smaller than its G series cousins. This isn’t a replacement for anything that already exists in the range – it’s Panasonic’s answer to other small-sensor alternatives, such as the Sony ZV-1 and Canon PowerShot G7 X III

The Lumix G100 comes with a vari-angle screen which can be maneuvered to the side of the camera for self shooting. If you’d rather use a viewfinder then a high-resolution one in built-in – it offers 3,680k dots, which is more than many pro-grade digital cameras – which will be great for shooting when in bright sunlight.

Video quality is 4K at 30fps maximum (the frame crop is 1.47x though), while slow-mo options are also available. Vlog-L is included if you wish to grade content.

There’s also built-in electronic image stabilisation (EIS) which combines with lens optical image stabilisation (OIS) to produce a 5-axis system that can negate the ‘bounce’ when walking and counter handshake that’s often magnified when shooting one-handed.


Designed with the social media minded as its users, there’s also a Frame Marker feature which permits vertical video or puts coloured borders on the screen to show you, say, the 5:4 ratio for Instagram. Then there’s a dedicated Send Image button to push footage to a smart device via the Lumix Sync app with ease.

The Panasonic Lumix G100 will be available from the end of July 2020, priced £589 body-only, £679 with the 12-32mm kit lens. Order either before 31 August 2020 and you’ll get a free DMW-SHGR1 tripod grip to use with the camera.


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Amazon Blink Mini is a tiny indoor camera with two-way audio

Amazon has updated its lineup of Blink home security cameras to include a compact indoor camera.

Called the Blink Mini, it is available for preorder through Amazon for $35. If you get two of them, you can save $5, bringing the total to $65. There’s also a cloud storage service for it that costs $3 per month (or $30 a year) after the free trial.

Blink Mini records 1080p resolution and has two-way audio, which allows you to communicate with whoever it sees using the Blink app. Other features include motion detection and night vision via infrared light. It is a wired camera, too, so there’s no need to switch out the batteries. It can also pair to Alexa devices such as the Echo Show to display a live feed from the camera’s view.

As for that cloud video storage plan, Blink is offering a free trial of Blink Plus until the end of 2020. After that, it costs $3 per month. Previously, Blink didn’t charge to store clips in the cloud. The Blink XT2 even still seems to offer free cloud storage for video for a year. 



Amazon plans to fully launch Blink Mini in the coming weeks. Amazon will also launch the $35 Blink Sync Module 2 later this year, so you can record and locally save clips. Simply plug a USB drive into it, and you can store video from up to 10 different Blink Mini cameras.

You can then watch all your Blink Mini footage from the USB drive itself (when plugged into a PC) or from the Blink Home Monitor. 

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Can Audio Technica make best True Wireless Earbuds? | It’s a Gadget


Audio Technica truly wireless earbuds

We recently saw the audio market being overwhelmed with true wireless earbuds at various price levels, but you know it is getting harder to find the best value for money earbuds each day.

Audio Technica has recently released a pair of $99 truly wireless earbuds (ATH-CKS3TW) which is considered to be a contender of the best value for money truly wireless earbuds. This is not actually their first foray into the wireless earbuds market. They previously released another pair of wireless earbuds, but they had their fair share of issues. There is a $149 version (ATH-CKS5TW) as well. Both of these models have USB-C for charging which another big upgrade compared to their previous model.

The Tale of Two Versions

There are some key differences between the two sets to justify their price gap . Firstly and most importantly, the pricier one has more battery life compared to the cheaper one. Secondly, the control of the more expensive earbuds are using physical buttons whereas the cheaper one is using touch control. Surprisingly, only ATH-CKS3TW $99 cheaper version features Google Assistant. That’s because Audio Technica wanted that the more expensive earbuds have extra battery life compared to the cheaper ones. On paper, the more expensive one should also have better audio quality since it has bigger drivers. The ATH-CKS5TW has 10mm drivers and the ATH-CKS3TW has 5.8mm drivers. Only the expensive version supports AAC playback. So if you are into lossless music playback, you need to fork that extra cash.

Audiophile Level Earbuds or Best Value for Money Earbuds?

Those who are serious about audio quality might like to try out the ATH-CKS5TW but if you want the best of the best, the offer from Sony(Sony WF-1000XM3) is only $70 away. Galaxy Earbuds are also other cheaper options. In the fight for value, consumers can go for the ATH-CKS3TW which provides a very good audio quality with AptX and SBC audio codec support at a very reasonable price and the audio quality is better than many expensive earbuds from the competition. The battery of the earbuds themselves lasts for 6 hours and the case provides 24 more hours. On the other hand, the more expensive ATH-CKS5TW has an impressive 15 hours of battery life while the case has a backup of 30 more hours.

These earbuds can also be used with Audio-Technica Connect, a mobile app designed for these earbuds. They are not only for fine tuning your settings. You can also find your missing earbuds using this app.

Audio Technica truly wireless earbuds

Even though there are thousands of options available in this price range or even lower ones, Audio Technica is one of the best because of their care for balanced audio with proper attention to lows, mids and highs. At this price range, it is almost impossible to find earbuds that can claim a similar level of clarity or audio quality which makes it one of the best value for money truly wireless earbuds. These earbuds are not in the market yet. So if you are looking for the best value for money earbuds, you may have to wait till November. On the other hand, if you are desperate to try the new earbuds from Audio Technica, you can go for the more expensive ATH-CKS5TW which will go on sale this month.

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