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Check out these stunning photos from the 2020 Astronomy Photogr

Perhaps more than any other type of photography, astrological photography is just insanely impressive – the degree of patience and control required to get good photos of the night sky, let alone distant stars and planets, is hard to overstate. 

That’s one of the reasons why there are awards dedicated entirely to astronomy photographs each year, and the shortlist has just been released for the biggest gong in this area – the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020. 

Nicholas Roemmelt

The Green Lady

This stunning image has it all – aurora borealis dancing in the sky, in a sublime mix of greens and blues, all suspended above an ice-cold lake and the hints of human habitation in the form of that lit-up little town. It’s a bit of a wonder, really. 

Connor Matherne

The Many Jets and Shells of Centaurus A

A jaw-dropping image of the infinite variety of space, with those promintent jets in the centre providing a science-fiction-esque focal point. This looks like something out of Star Wars, no?

Mathew Browne

The Moon And the Shard

The moon hovers ominously behind London’s Shard, all of it lit up perfectly to highlight the building’s consturction in contrast to the marvellou detail captured on the moon’s surface. 

Kristina Makeeva


Aptly titled, this photo does an amazing job of balancing the deep, luscious colour of the aurora in the sky against the amazing show it’s projecting into the impossibly clear chunks of ice on the ground. 

Alyn Wallace


This photo takes you behind the curtain, showing a lone photographer taking a picture of an eclipse, and showcasing how remote one must travel to find the best light. 

Ruslan Ilnitsky

Sunspots AR 2741 and AR 2740

The sun’s surface is a bit of a mystery to most of us layfolk, but all know that sunspots exist – here’s an impressive image capturing just two of them, neither hintint at the enormous energy that their appearance actually entails. 

Stefan Liebermann

Desert Magic

A desesrt scene that’s beautifully lit by the smorgasbord of light and stars in the sky above, an entire constellation and galaxy suspended beautifully. 

Kamil Nureev

Dance Over the Swamp

We don’t often think of the Northern Lights as occurring over swamps, but here it is nonetheless, and that placid reflection is the key to this photo’s stellar success. 

Marcin Zajac

Galactic Portal

Once again, here the contrast between land and sky is the key, with the amazing purples and pinks of the night lighting up the frame beautifully, viewed from within a cluster of rocks framing the action. 

Thomas Kast

Painting the Sky

That astonishing selection of colours, lighting up the sky in ways that most of us will never live to see in person, makes for an amazing tableau. We think this picture is named perfectly. 

Stacey Downton

Jupiter Rising

It’s no mean feat to capture the surface of a planet like Jupiter in this way, from such a distance, but this image gives you a great sense of the roiling chaos that its surface would actually be.

Ethan Roberts


This great shot is a miracle of timing, with a wisp of cloud passing before the moon and causing this otherworldly effect – it’s like something out a giallo horror film, and we love it. 

Nguyễn Hoàng Linh


This amazing timelapse over some paddies is a beautiful reminder of how time’s passing is inevitable, and we particularly love how the exposure concentrates the lights of human dwellings in the frame’s centre. 

Jen Rogers

Milky Way and meteor at Porthgwarra

The boat in the image is a perfect focal point, bridging the two near-symmetrical sides of the composition and drawing the viewer out. We can’t be the only ones who’d love to hop in for a journey, right?

Kirk Paton


The photographer’s dog Trixy is the star of the show here, artfully silhouetted in front of a bright and huge moon, the focal length making it seem almost impossibly large. It’s a delightful, fun composition. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.

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3 Android TV browsers to check the web on your TV

Android TV is a system that allows us to enjoy any Android application on our TV. But, if you have a TV with this system, you will surely have noticed that it does not have any application to surf the web pre installed.

Luckily, we can find in the Google Play Store several Android TV browsers specially designed for you to use from your TV, so you can check your favorite sites.

It is true that surfing the web on a television is not exactly the most comfortable in the world. But there are occasions (for example, when we want to watch a video that is on a website) when it can be especially comfortable. Therefore, we will show you the best apps for it.

Android TV browsers Google Play Store several browsers specially designed for you to use from your TV, so you can check your favorite sites.

1. TV Bro Web browsers for Android TV

TV Bro is one of the simplest Android TV browsers we can find in the Play Store for Android TV.

Of course, it is important that we keep in mind that it is not compatible with all televisions or all devices. But, if it works for you, it complies with what it promises. It is very simple and does not have too many options. But it does have interesting features such as voice control or the ability to save sites to favorites.

In addition, it is intended for use with the TV remote. If you want to download it and start using it, you can do it in the following link:

Download TV Bro
Developer: Phlox Development
Price: Free

2. TVWeb Browser

This is another of the most popular Android TV browsers. It is intended for use with the remote, and has the ability to save bookmarks or check history. We can download it easily in the following link:

TVWeb Browser for TV
Developer: Rarity Co. Ltd.
Price: Free

3. Firefox for Fire TV

Probably the best to surf the Internet from your TV is not exactly a browser that we can find in the Play Store. And is that Firefox is a tool designed for Amazon Fire TV .

But it has been tested on an Android TV and it works perfectly. And it is probably one of the most complete browsers we can find. It has practically all the options that we can find in the PC version. As we have already mentioned, it is not available in the Play Store, but you can find its apk in the following link:

Download Firefox for Fire TV – APK

Do you have a TV with Android TV at home? Have you ever used it to surf the Internet? Have you used any of these browsers or do you know any other that might be interesting?

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