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Logitech revealed new Lightspeed gaming products characterized by bright colors

Logitech G today presented the new Color Collection which includes several products dedicated to the world of gaming, among which the G733 Lightspeed wireless headset stands out . Featuring four vibrant colors, the G733 adapts to any style and helps make the gaming experience even more personal and unique. The G203 and G305 gaming mice and the G915 TKL gaming keyboard complete the collection.

Logitech G915 TKL wireless mechanical gaming keyboard


As gaming becomes a bigger part of pop culture, personal expression and style have become more and more fundamental in a player’s identity. With this in mind we decided to design a collection of high performance gaming products in a fun and colorful way.

Tiffany Beers , Logitech G’s head of audio engineering, added:

We decided to design a headset with all our best features that allows people to show their personality. The G733s and available accessories do just that. It is a reliable and high quality gaming headset that adapts to the environment and allows you to express yourself without leaving anything to chance.

The new G733 wireless headphones are available in a choice of white , blue , lilac and black . Weighing only 278g, they are equipped with new colored and reversible suspension arches equipped with soft double-layer memory foam ear cushions for maximum comfort. To accompany the G733, Logitech G unveiled a collection of color-coordinated headbands, as well as cute microphone pad covers compatible with all Logitech G headphones and microphones.

Logitech G915 TKL wireless mechanical gaming keyboard

In addition to the G733, gamers can indulge themselves in choosing between the black or white version of the Logitech G915 TKL wireless mechanical gaming keyboard and the black, white, blue and lilac versions of the Logitech G203 gaming mouse and gaming mouse. wireless G305.

The Logitech G733 Lightspeed wireless gaming headphones will be marketed at the recommended price of 149 € . The colored bands, available in five options, will retail for € 9.99 each; while the set of five microphone covers will be available for € 9.99. The G915 TKL Gaming Keyboard is on sale at the price of € 229.99, while the Logitech G305 is on sale at the price of € 59.99 and finally the G203 Lightspeed is on sale at the price of € 39.99 . All products will be available in September 2020.

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Latest AirPods Pro leaks point to some new colors, and more. | Smart Home – Smart Gadgets

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Apple has done a grand job of keeping its AirPods 3, the next generation of its incredibly popular true wireless in-ear headphones, secret. The current model, version 2, was released on March 20, 2019 and added a faster chip, better battery life for calls and an optional wirelessly chargeable case.

But, earlier than some expected, the latest leaks suggest the third-generation AirPods are coming very soon.

It seems likely that as these are more advanced than the current models that the name may not be AirPods 3 but the more enticing AirPods Pro.

Earlier in October, a clue appeared in the latest iOS beta, version 13.2, which seems to hint at the new AirPods with an icon buried in the software.

Other rumors have strongly suggested that the new version will have noise-canceling capabilities, like the Sony WF100XM3 earbuds and the soon-to-be-released Huawei Freebuds 3.

Now, Slashleaks has images of what appears to be the case into which the new earbuds will plop to be charged, revealing a little about the shape of the earbuds, perhaps.

What’s interesting is that the purported case is quite a different shape from the current square-with-rounded-corners box on the AirPods now. This looks much wider but not as deep. The view from above hints at headphones which have noticeably larger earbuds than before, suggesting that advanced noise-isolation will also be a part of the design this time around.

Incidentally, Slashleaks now has a new legend above the images it has published which states: “Chinese Knockoff but likely accurate depiction of the original model”.

What’s more, Ben Geskin, who knows more than most about leaks and rumors, has tweeted that he also believes the image is real but of a non-genuine item – a fake version of AirPods Pro. Geskin also adds his voice to the belief that AirPods Pro are due any day.

Given the other leaks and rumors I’ve come across that seems right to me which says two things: first, although it’s not real it’s still a strong visualization of what’s coming and, second – oh joy – that work towards creating fake versions of the AirPods Pro has already begun.

MacRumors has also spotted other clues. Accessory maker ESR has released a cover and carrying case for the new earbuds, and these look identical to the leaked images from Slashleaks.

There’s one other thing that seems near-certain. Whenever the new AirPods arrive, and I believe this will happen within a very few days, they are likely to be in as heavy demand as previous versions. 

Expect the new design to become familiar very quickly.

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