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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Official Order Guide With New Battery Details

This is the official multi-page guide and description provided to dealerships. It reveals usable battery capacity. Source: 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Official Order Guide With New Battery Details

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Details on Essentials “Project Gem” Skinny Smartphone

Essential has finally started to show off its latest creation, the upcoming “Project Gem” smartphone. Essential, a company founded by an ex-Google executive, Andy Rudin.

Earlier leaked images show off its official design thus confirming the rumor of Essential working on an unorthodox smartphone for some time now.

The Project Gem Smartphone looks unlike anything that we have seen, plus it is rumored to have a different user experience from modern smartphones. According to trademark filings, the phone will simply be named “Gem” once released.

Our first glimpse at the upcoming Gem Smartphone comes courtesy of Essential’s official twitter account and tweets from the CEO. The most noticeable thing is its unique form factor. While other tech companies are moving towards foldable phones, Essential is aiming for a form factor that resembles a streaming stick remote control.

In addition to its odd form factor, the Gem also features notable metallic color finishes, with a color-shifting effect when viewing from certain angles.

Project Gem User Interface

Tweets from the company’s official twitter give details on the smartphones card-based User Interface. The phone’s unique form factor allows the user to have multiple apps opened on the screen simultaneously.

One question does arise while looking at the user interface image. How will the phone handle apps and widgets in landscape mode or when simply running apps designed for different aspect ratios?

Gem Smartphone Specifications:

Essential has been showing off the Gem’s aesthetics but they have been somewhat hush-hush on its full specifications. What we know so far is that it has a raised rear camera lens, visible from the tweeted photos.

It appears to have a front-facing selfie camera in the upper left of its screen. We will give updates once the official specs are announced. It was also reported that the Gem will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset, but no official word from the company just yet.

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