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what is different and why does it matter?

Modern smartphones and many other devices, especially headphones, already incorporate the new Bluetooth version 5.0. In this article we are going to tell you how important this technology is, what improvements it brings compared to previous versions, and whether or not it is worth looking for devices that are compatible with it.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest specification of the Bluetooth communications standard . It is frequently used for wireless communication between devices, such as wireless headphones and a smartphone, or without going any further, a PS4 or Xbox One with its corresponding controller.

The reality is that with Bluetooth 5.0 the devices reach transmission speeds of up to 2 Mbps (which is double that of BT 4.2) as long as they are practically glued

Bluetooth 5.0 vs Bluetooth 4.0: news and differences

A new version of the standard means improvements have been added, but only when used with compatible devices. In other words, it is useless for your smartphone to have Bluetooth 5.0 if then your headphones do not support this revision. However you not need to worry if it is because the versions of this standard are all backwards compatible with each other , ie, Bluetooth 5.0 supports Bluetooth 4.2 for example.

Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy

One of the most important novelties of this version of the standard, if not the most, is called Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth LE. It was already introduced in version 4.0, and is designed to reduce the power consumption of wireless devices that connect using this method. The difference is that in BT 4.0 LE there were some major restrictions regarding compatible devices, and now with the 5.0 standard virtually any device can use this low-power mode .

For example, Bluetooth headsets couldn’t communicate via BT LE, so they had to use the classic standard instead, increasing power consumption compared. With BT 5.0 all audio devices can communicate with this bass mode with sumo, which greatly extends its battery life. In other words, devices that use the Bluetooth 5.0 standard have LE mode and therefore better battery life.

Dual Audio

This revision of the standard also enables a new feature that allows audio to be played on two connected devices simultaneously. This means that with a single audio source, we could pair two Bluetooth headsets at the same time and both listen to the same music. But this is not all, since it could even be done with a single smartphone, two different people listening to two different songs at the same time.

This is more useful than just sharing an audio source, since it allows, for example, putting a pair of speakers in stereo and without the need for cables. Of course, the source device must be compatible with this feature, and we have already seen it for example on Samsung smartphones (where it is called Dual Audio).

More speed, distance and bandwidth

Of course, this version 5.0 of the standard also brings improvements related to transmission speed, bandwidth and maximum coverage distance. The official material of the Bluetooth association states that the distance is multiplied by four, the speed to double and the bandwidth by eight compared to Bluetooth 4.2, but the reality is that these figures are simply theoretical.

Features of Bluetooth 5.0 vs 4.2

The reality is that with Bluetooth 5.0 the devices reach transmission speeds of up to 2 Mbps (which is double that of BT 4.2) as long as they are practically glued, and in terms of the maximum distance, it reaches up to about 200 meters (they should be 240 to be four times more than the 60 meters of Bluetooth 4.2), but this distance is drastically reduced when there are obstacles (such as walls) in between. This distance is especially interesting for drones, as you will already assume.

The aptX compression standard already promises CD-quality audio at speeds below 1 Mbps, so a speed of 2 Mbps should allow for better audio quality. Technically, devices have to choose between higher speed or longer range, so that “double speed” benefit is only useful when operating at close range, as we have already discussed.

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Core to be marketed with removable battery

It should not be too long before the official announcement arrives on a new entry-level of the Korean giant: we are talking about Samsung Galaxy A01 Core of which we already know the model code ( SM-A013F ) and that could reserve a surprise that knows a lot about back to the origins.

The smartphone, in fact, will probably be characterized by the presence of a removable battery, a detail now more than rare in the smartphone market. This is not the only information leaked on the device, so many details of the data sheet already emerged.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, here comes the removable battery
Samsung Galaxy A01 Core should in fact arrive with a PLS TFT LCD display with a 5.3-inch diagonal and a resolution of 1,480 x 720 px. On board will be placed a MT6739 of MediaTek , SoC which would then be joined by 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage . The reduced RAM is the forerunner to the Go version of Android 10, specifically designed for devices with limited hardware.

Some references have also arrived on the photographic sector: the rear sensor will be 8 MP (f / 2.2) while the selfie-cam will stop at 5 MP (f / 2.4). The aforementioned battery will instead have a capacity of 3,000 mAh more than enough to guarantee a good autonomy to the smartphone, given the rest of the technical specifications.

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core has already received the first certifications, its official launch could already take place during this month of July.

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Tronsmart introduces trendy hybrid active noise canceling wireless headset

Apple launched in 2016 the first iPhone without a headphone jack, a movement that has been followed little by little by the rest of the manufacturers and practically today it is very difficult to find a smartphone with this type of connection. This move has forced users to switch to wireless headphones.

Although Apple was not the first company to launch wireless headset, Samsung and Bragi already offered these types of products, it was not until the launch of AirPods in 2016 (the same year in which it removed the headphone jack) when wireless headset they became a trend.

Although Apple was not the first company to launch wireless headphones, Samsung and Bragi already offered these types of products

As the years have gone by, the needs of users do not simply go through wireless headphones with good autonomy, but also give more importance to the benefits that they can offer. In this sense, noise cancellation is one of the most important characteristics for 36% of users looking for this type of headphones.

The manufacturer Tronsmart has just introduced the Apollo Bold , hybrid active noise canceling headphones in collaboration, once again, with processor manufacturer Qualcomm. The new Tronsmart headphones make use of the QCC5124 processor, a processor that is not yet found in any other device on the market.

The Apollo Bold from Tronsmart, supports active noise cancellation and bluetooth signal processing, allowing both functions to offer the best performance working both together . Most wireless headphones currently available on the market use one chip for bluetooth connection and one for active noise cancellation.

Tronsmart headphones are designed with this hybrid technology that also allows noise cancellation in a wide range

These new Tronsmart headphones are designed with this hybrid technology that also allows noise cancellation in a wide range , to achieve a better result, allowing noise cancellation of up to 35 dB to be achieved, for the maximum 28 dB that most headphones offer. wireless on the market.

Another novelty that we find in these new headphones from Tronsmart is the use of synchronized signal transmission technology. This allows the bluetooth signal to be sent simultaneously to both the left and right earphones . Many of the wireless headphones on the market, one of them is the one that receives the signal and then passes it to the other headphone, which can sometimes cause a delay in synchronization.

The Apollo Bold from Tronsmart, supports active noise cancellation and bluetooth signal processing

Tronsmart Apollo Bold Specifications

Compatible with aptX to offer excellent sound quality.
It has 6 microphones that offer good sound quality and also allows the noise cancellation system to offer such good results.
It has three modes : ANC (noise cancellation), Music and Transparency (reduces ambient sound without completely isolating ourselves from the environment).
Autonomy of 30 hours of music playback thanks to the charging case.
Each charge allows us to use the headphones for 10 hours.
It has a function that detects when we place the headphones in the ear to pause or resume music playback.
In September launch an application for mobile devices that will allow us to equalize the audio.

Tronsmart has just introduced the Apollo Bold , hybrid active noise canceling headphones in collaboration, once again, with processor manufacturer Qualcomm

Participate in the draw for some Apollo Bold

The most direct rival of the Apollo Bold, are the AirPods Pro, but these are 46% cheaper , so if the budget does not contemplate paying the more than 25o euros that Apple headphones cost, you should consider this option .

To celebrate the launch of the Apollo Bold, Tronsmart has prepared a raffle , a raffle that will be active between July 15 and 31 and with which we can win one of the 2nd Apollo Bold that raffles.

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How will the PS5 and Xbox Series X affect gaming hardware?

This fall both Microsoft and SONY will launch their ninth generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PS5 respectively. The launch of these consoles will bring several new technologies under our arms, and we cannot help but wonder how this will affect PC gaming hardware in general. In this article we ask ourselves these and other questions that surely have crossed your mind.

While it could be said that these two consoles have already accelerated the adoption of Ray Tracing in GPU and have encouraged processors with more and more cores to play, the impact of these consoles on gaming hardware has obviously not yet been felt in the market, and we will have to wait for them to go on sale to start seeing some kind of symptom, if there is one.

As for Xbox Series X, the topic is quite similar, since Microsoft already specified in the technical specifications of the console

Will next-gen consoles affect PC gaming hardware?

Seeing what one company and another has taught so far, it is inevitable to think that even a top-of-the-range gaming PC is, in many ways, weaker than upcoming consoles (especially in the areas of audio acceleration , decompression storage and potentially ray tracing performance). So with these facts in mind, how will the arrival of next-gen consoles affect PC gaming hardware?

The specifications of the consoles, will they be the standard for triple A games?

While it is true that consoles carry optimized hardware for games, and that games are developed for them, we cannot ignore the fact that, although personalized, at the end of the day both PS5 and Xbox Series X assemble hardware for PC, with x64 architecture. So, once its specifications are known, we ask ourselves the following question: will console hardware be the new standard for upcoming triple-A games?

When developing a game, consoles have a relative advantage, and since their hardware is always the same, software can be developed specifically to have the best performance on said hardware. On the PC, for its part, things change there are countless possible hardware and software configurations, so it is much more complicated to develop something specific and they are forced to develop the game with more general optimizations.

Answering the topic of the question, we believe that it is quite complicated for the hardware of the consoles to set the standard for the requirements of triple A games, for the simple fact of that freedom that developers have when it comes to launching the specifications for PC . Also, keep in mind that a generation of consoles will remain “stagnant” for some time (4-5 years normally) always with the same hardware, while PC hardware always continues to evolve and improve generation after generation.

Will Ray Tracing become a requirement and not something optional?

Now that both PS5 and Xbox Series X will have dedicated hardware for Ray Tracing , something that on PC for now only NVIDIA provides with its RTX graphics, we also wonder if there will come a time when it is a requirement and not something optional to have this technology.

In this regard, it should be borne in mind that, since the next-gen consoles are fully powered by AMD, it is understood that it will not take long to launch a generation of graphics for PC gaming that has ray tracing hardware , so There will come a point when both NVIDIA and AMD have the same on the market.

This means that in the medium term the hardware of a gaming PC considered as modern will have hardware for Ray Tracing, so in one way or another, we will have it in our PCs. This does not mean that ray tracing ends up becoming a requirement for games, and although it may happen we believe that it will always be optional , whether you have dedicated hardware or not. The hardware is, and the developer will depend on taking advantage of it or not.

Will the decompression of storage work the same on PC?

The loading screens are one of the biggest enemies of any gamer. It is a waiting time that, on many occasions, takes us “off” or “disengages” from the game if it is too long, and that is why in the next generation of consoles both Microsoft and SONY (especially the latter) have placed special emphasis on the speed of your storage system, which in theory virtually eliminates loading screens.

For example, the PS5 will equip an 825 GB capacity PCI-Express 4.0 x4 SSD with a specifically designed controller, integrating 12 flash channels and capable of handling transfer rates of up to 5.5 GB / s.

the medium term the hardware of a gaming PC considered as modern will have hardware for Ray Tracing, so in one way or another

SSD PlayStation 5 consoles

As for Xbox Series X, the topic is quite similar, since Microsoft already specified in the technical specifications of the console that its performance is 2,400 MB / s when it works in crude and up to 4.8 GB / s when it works with compressed files. , since the console is equipped with a custom hardware for decompression.

Of course, here we can only intuit that this is the future of gaming hardware also on PC, since technology continues to advance in favor of greater bandwidths and speeds, and this is what serves to eliminate the screens of load.

And what about hardware accelerated audio?

Another novelty in terms of hardware that the new generation of consoles presents is the integration of a dedicated chip to process the audio of the games. As a general rule, audio is processed by the CPU, and while it doesn’t have much of an impact on performance for other things, it does force you to work on it. In addition, having a dedicated audio processor not only frees the CPU from that task, but also makes it more complicated to integrate the audio integrated into games with more channels, positional audio and technologies such as Dolby Atmos or DTS: X.

In this respect, we could say that having a dedicated audio processor is practically the natural evolution in hardware, precisely because it frees the CPU from that work and at the same time allows adding complexity to the sound system of games – or whatever. Obviously we can be wrong, but at this point the consoles would be marking the way forward, just like in storage.

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The most versatile item trending in stay home period 2020

The Spy glasses with a hidden camera is one of the most used everyday objects in spying and recording images taken with a hidden camera. Perhaps the most famous recording made for this purpose can be found in the video that transpired from the Infanta’s statement before Judge Castro . It must be borne in mind that mobile phones and pens were requisitioned in that trial to prevent this, so we can conclude that spy glasses with hidden cameras are one of the best camouflaged objects and that they go unnoticed to record anonymously and not be detected, since the security teams that filtered the entrance were not able to detect them.

To download the Spy glasses images and videos stored in the memory of the lenses, we only have to connect them through the USB of the computer to proceed to download them

There are many models of spy glasses and many uses for them. A very common use in students is to wear spy glasses for exams , although they can be used in work meetings and in any other daily situation.

We can find different types and models of spy glasses for men and women and advances in technology allow us to find the best spy glasses for less than € 100 today. The best models allow you to record in high definition.

In addition, all models come with instructions for spy glasses and are current models so they can go through normal lenses.

Here you can see all the spy glasses models available in your nearest spy store.

As you can see we have many models. The second model of spy glasses has surely caught your attention. Those are for the ski slopes, so you can record video while skiing down the mountain.


In this video you can see a recording made with glasses with a hidden camera and we can see that nobody detects or comments on anything, even over short distances. To download the images and videos stored in the memory of the lenses, we only have to connect them through the USB of the computer to proceed to download them.

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Do you know this characteristics of the advanced spy pen

We have already commented in other articles on this blog about the characteristics, advantages and advances presented by the new models of Spy Gadgets: such as mini cameras and microphones of small size, which are capable of being hidden under any object, garment or concealment article, reducing the chances of being detected.

Well, today is the turn of the spy pen, a new device capable of making video or audio recordings depending on the model hidden under the appearance of a harmless office pen.

Spy-Pen are frequently requested by all kinds of people, from businessmen who want to keep their office always under surveillance

These types of items are frequently requested by all kinds of people, from businessmen who want to keep their office always under surveillance, to people who put it on the lapel of their shirt or jacket to record everything that happens within the field of vision of the company. mini-camera without raising suspicions.

The most advanced spy pen models allow you to record HD videos with included audio, and they are usually divided into two parts. At the bottom they have a USB connector through which by plugging it into the computer you can view the recordings you have made, and the upper half is the one that offers the different buttons that allow you to control the pen. Buttons for power on, off, start recording or taking pictures.


The hidden camera of the spy pen usually has a 90-degree angle, and to control it you usually have to pay attention to what the LED light on its upper part indicates. To start recording, you have to press the button for two or three seconds, the light will go out, and that will mean that it has started recording.

The hidden camera of the spy pen usually has a 90-degree angle, and to control it you usually have to pay attention to what the LED light on its upper part indicates

On the other hand, the ballpoint pen writes like any other normal ballpoint pen, which gives it the ideal camouflage to go unnoticed by people who might suspect that they are being recorded at the time.

The autonomy of the pen depends on the model, but normally it does not usually exceed 90 minutes, and it has an 8GB capacity that allows you to make long recordings or many of short duration until its memory is full. Do not worry about its operation, with the purchase of this pen the instructions are usually included.

Practice a little before you start using it in the field to get used to the button controls, and you’ll see how practical it is for you in so many contexts. From recording a college class, to a confidential meeting.

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DJI presents Mavic Air 2, now with 48 Megapixel sensor and 8K 240 fps

The famous drone manufacturer DJI officially unveiled the new Mavic Air 2 , a light, foldable model with excellent technical characteristics. The drone weighs 570 grams (in flight order) and this makes it heavier than the model it replaces but the extra weight is certainly justified by the improved technical specifications and a more solid construction.

, the Mavic Air 2 is also equipped with APAS 3.0 (a sort of 3D mapping to also recognize obstacles in height) and a system called ADS-B

First of all, the autonomy is now 34 minutes thanks to the new engines, improved aerodynamics and better battery. Another novelty is certainly the 1/2″ sensor with 48 MP resolution and QuadBayer scheme that takes 12MP photos of great quality thanks to the pixel-binning technique but can also capture at 48MP in High resolution mode if the environment has a good brightness Although the photographic aspect is important, the main use is certainly the one related to the video world.

Here too important news: the maximum video resolution rises to 4K @ 60p with a bitrate of 120Mbps, but it is also possible to record in FullHD up to at 240 frames per second or create Hyperlapse in 8K format.


video resolution of Mavic Air 2  rises to 4K @ 60p with a bitrate of 120Mbps, but it is also possible to record in FullHD up to at 240 frames per second


There are many new intelligent modes such as HDR photo (take up to 7 photos with different exposure to automatically combine them) or Hyperlight mode (a sort of night mode that, like for smartphones, combines various photos with different shutter speeds and different ISO) and finally the automatic recognition of the scenes which is grateful to automatically adapt to the types of framing (sunset, snow, grass etc …) to optimize colors and details.

All automatic flight mode systems have also been updated, for example there is Active Track 3.0 (automatic tracking system), Point of Interest 3.0 and Spotlight 2.0 which allow you to perform complex shots in total autonomy. Improved drone safety with obstacle detection sensors on the front and rear, sensors and lights on the bottom for safe landings. In addition, the Mavic Air 2 is also equipped with APAS 3.0 (a sort of 3D mapping to also recognize obstacles in height) and a system called ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) which is able to detect if there are other drones nearby and then report them to the operator (well before you get to hear them).

As a last novelty we point out the presence of the OcuSync 2.0 system which gives the Mavic Air 2 a range of action of 10Km. The new Mavic Air 2 is already on sale on the DJI website starting from € 849 for the normal version or € 1049 for the Fly More Combo which includes an additional 6 propellers, two batteries, and a multiple charger. As soon as the first offers come out, we will publish them on our Telegram channel.

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10 best spy cameras with amazing discount during lock-down period

As the lock down period is going on, there are various types of lucrative offers and discounts on your online portals. Just make this idle time useful by ordering important stuff for the future. Throughout this article we are going to make a brief ranking of the most sought-after spy cameras today, not only for their benefits, but also due to their versatility, since you never know when you are going to need them and the best you can Offering a spy camera is the ability to adapt to all kinds of contexts. Do not miss it!

Mini spy camera button: undoubtedly the winner of the spy camera ranking, due to the ability to record everything that happens in front of us without raising suspicions. It is hidden in the button of our shirt or jacket, and it has a motion stabilizer to record HD images while we walk or run.

Spy glasses : the second place goes for the new spy glasses. Simulating ordinary sunglasses, these spy glasses are capable of making recordings of everything that is located in front of us while we go unnoticed.

Spy pen : the spy pen has earned the last place on the podium, thanks to the fact that placed inside the pocket of our suit shirt or jacket it is also capable of offering great versatility, recording all kinds of situations in high definition video and audio.

buy the 10 best spy cameras

Spy watch: the spy watch has been on the doorstep of the podium, because in winter with long sleeves its performance may not offer as much versatility, although reaching fourth place in this ranking is not turkey snot, and this is a sign of its great benefits.

USB spy : USB spy is also another feasible alternative, although we must previously place it in a place from which we will record what we need, and its viewing angle is limited by that placement. For this reason, despite its small size and the hiding of the mini camera in an everyday object, it is relegated to fifth place.

Spy keychain: the spy keychain does not offer as much versatility as previous models, since as a general rule we must point to where we want to record with it, and if we go around waving a car remote we can raise suspicions. We recommend leaving it on a flat surface while recording.

Spy alarm clock: the spy alarm clock is ideal for few situations. Of course, to be placed in a bedroom it is the most recommended option among all the mini cameras in the ranking, due to the camouflage that offers its appearance as a normal and ordinary alarm clock.

Spy charger : in the same way as the spy alarm clock or the spy USB, it must be placed in advance in the place that we want to record. Depending on whether the model purchased is a portable or static charger, its versatility varies. In portable models it can be transported without raising too much suspicion, something that does not happen with static models.

Spy light bulb: As for the spy light bulb, it can be placed in any lamp that is not covered with a lampshade or glass, since if it does not lose much definition. Although the lamp can be placed anywhere, this previous disadvantage together with the suspicion that not awakening a lamp when a light is needed in the room can move it to the ninth position.

Spy smoke detector: the spy smoke detector is perfect to be placed in shops and homes if you want to record the interior of a certain room at all times, such as that of the baby or your bedroom if you suspect that your wife is being unfaithful to you . Its use is limited to those situations, and that is why it has finished in the last place in the ranking of mini cameras.

If you want to buy any of the previous models of mini cameras, we recommend the Amazon online store as there’s a great chance of coupons and best discount during stay-home period. Amazon has specialized store in spy and concealment products, of high quality and whose team is very professional.

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The electronic sweep as an effective spy equipment, Research techniques

Electronic Sweep is the most important security countermeasure to use as an spy equipment. This spy gadget consists of the systematic search for active espionage devices, intrusive information gathering systems, eavesdropping and telephone pricking systems.

The Spy Electronic Sweeps that are carried out are based on procedures that follow a scientific methodology and must be developed by qualified personnel and with technical teams adapted for such purposes.

At the end of the Spy Sweep, a detailed technical report must be submitted with the procedure performed, as well as comments, conclusions and recommendations.

spy equipment

Applications of Spy Sweep

The Electronic Sweep is applied as a preventive measure in meeting rooms and offices where important and confidential meetings and interviews are going to take place, in environments where people who, due to personal or work conditions, are susceptible to theft procedures. of information.

As a secondary measure in the face of suspicion or indication of information leakage, the recommendation to expand the environments to be analyzed is applied in these cases, whether they are secretarial rooms, vehicles, telephone exchanges, mobile phones and homes.

Based on the constant study of espionage devices, our own research and our experience, we have developed an Electronic Sweep procedure that guarantees the safety of the environments being analyzed.

Scanning procedures of Spy Sweep

1. Radio frequency spectrum analysis. Search for audio and video signals in wide and narrow band (spy transmitters and receivers of listening spy equipment and video cameras). Search for mobile phone broadcasts.
2. Telephone line analysis. Check for voltage drop and oscillations. Search for interventions using electronic component detection online (own research). PBX analysis with specific software.
3. Analysis of the electrical network. Verification of use as an information transmission line. Detection of infiltrated emissions.
4. Specialized physical inspection. Systematic review of the environment carried out by specialized personnel with professional equipment in the search and physical detection of hidden spy equipment.

Through this procedure, audio, video transmissions, cameras, hidden microphones, cables and power supplies, vulnerability in computer and network security, intruder systems in telephone switchboards and registration systems in the telephone line must be detected.

General recommendations

(Factors to take into account when arranging such spy equipment electronic scanning or control services).

Call a company with experience in electronic cleaning and control.
Contact the client outside the suspected controlled environment.
Do not contact by fax or email of the company or address.
Maintain absolute confidentiality, advising the client to know as few people as possible, even if we are told that they are highly trustworthy.
Always carry out cleaning in hours when no one is around and they control us the least.
If the service is performed with people, we will try to make them think that we are a technical or maintenance or repair service.
If the environment to be controlled is carried out periodically, we will take into account shielding some areas and technical equipment that, for safety, nobody should ever know how they have been carried out.

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Apple iPad Pro 2020 has 6GB RAM, Wi-Fi 6, U1 chip with Magic keyboard

The recent rumors of the Apple iPad Pro 2020 caused a sensation but it was probably the Magic Keyboard with Trackpad that captured the scene. It is no coincidence that the commercials on the product are largely focused precisely on the use of computers.

The new iPad Pro stands out only from its back, where there is a double chamber with a square protrusion similar to that of the iPhone 11. Inside the changes there are, starting with the SoC A12Z Bionic, a new range of processors that Apple incorporates an 8-core graphics processor, which brings with it a more powerful Octa-core GPU compared to the A12X.

A12Z will not be an A13X but is preparing to set a new record for the entire sector

6GB of RAM

The first feature does not need clarification and is clearly very welcome to make the user experience more fluid, in multitasking as in more complex operations. Note that in the 1TB version of the iPad Pro 2018 the 6GB were already present, while all the other models had 4GB.

Ultra-wideband U1 chip

The ultra-wideband chip was first introduced with the iPhone 11, but at the moment its use in the field is very small and this is probably why Apple has not mentioned it. Its effects are rarely noticed, just with AirDrop an indication of the direction in which another device equipped with Apple U1 should appear. The problem is that the real use of this device, capable of relating to others like it in space, will be seen when there are many around. So, we will have to get used to seeing it appear passively in the product data sheets so that when the first concrete applications arrive these will already be operational with the devices that we have in our hands for years.

IPad Pro 2020 camera

The new Apple iPad Pro 2020, integrates a rear module consisting of two cameras: 10 mpx ultra wide angle and 12 mpx wide angle , with which we can record spectacular videos and photos. The set of two cameras of the iPad Pro allows us to take photos and record videos in 4K quality. The front camera of the iPad Pro does not offer us any notable news compared to the previous model, since it is also compatible with Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition system.

Augmented reality on iPad Pro 2020

In the same module where the cameras are located, there is also a sensor in LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) a sensor that allows determining the distance by measuring the time it takes for a light beam to reach an object and reflect it back to the sensor. This sensor works hand in hand with cameras, motion sensors and the operating system to measure depth, making the iPad Pro an ideal device for augmented reality.

Apple A13 present in the iPhone 11 basically maintains the same architecture but is lower in computing power than the "old" A12X

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro with trackpad should also be compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro. The old Smart Keyboard Folio cannot be used on the new iPad Pro 2020, which requires the second generation. Instead, the 2nd generation Apple Pencil remains the same.

What else changes

Considering also these two additions, the iPad Pro 2020 differs from the previous model in the following characteristics:

  1. SoC A12Z (instead of the A12X)
  2. Base model capacity 128GB (instead of 64GB)
  3. 6GB of RAM for all models
  4. Ultra-wide 10MP camera (previously absent)
  5. LiDAR scanner for augmented reality
  6. Ultra-wideband U1 chip
  7. Wi-Fi 6

Prices of iPad Pro 2020

The starting prices of the Apple iPad Pro 2020 are the same as the previous generation, the only thing that changes is the storage space, which this time starts from 128 GB instead of 64 GB from the previous generation.

  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 128 GB of storage: 879 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 256 GB of storage: 989 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 512 GB of storage: 1,209 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi 1 TB storage: 1,429 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 128 GB of storage: 1,049 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 256 GB of storage: 1,159 euros.
  • iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi + LTE 512 GB of storage: 1,379 euros.
  • 11-inch iPad Pro WiFi + LTE 1TB of storage: 1,599 euros.


  1. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi 128 GB of storage: 1,099 euros.
  2. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi 256 GB of storage: 1,209 euros.
  3. 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi 512 GB of storage: 1,429 euros.
  4. 12.9-inch iPad Pro WiFi 1 TB of storage: 1,649 euros.
  5. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 128 GB of storage: 1,269 euros.
  6. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 256 GB of storage: 1,379 euros.
  7. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 512 GB of storage: 1,599 euros.
  8. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi + LTE 1TB of storage: 1,819 euros.

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