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The digital future of the book industry is emerging at an astonishing rate. eBooks are bridging the gap between the reader and the book. The publishing industry has revolutionized, and the trend of e-book readers is on the rise. eBooks are not only easily accessible, but they are also cost-effective, this is central to the publishing and growth of any book industry. The target group of eBooks is not limited to a specific area or country. That is why readers worldwide find it very convenient to read eBooks without the hassle of searching for a hard copy in bookstores. The revolution in any field, including the digital book industry, will redefine global risk and power.

ebook future technology trends

Here are five trends on eBooks that can change the future:

Enhanced eBooks 

eBooks are in digital form, but they have the same content as print books. To change the nature of the eBook, publishers are looking forward to enhancing this trend.  They are thinking about adding additional interactive features to ebooks to make them comprehend a particular situation better. Publishers want to make it an excellent experience for their readers. Their designs are conjuring up on the idea of changing fiction into reality. Enhanced eBooks are also known as multimedia books. Audio and video are incorporated into the new layout of eBooks to improve their quality. If you have limited time to prepare for a test or listen to a speech, you can play the video or audio on the eBook and save your time.

Enhanced eBooks are just getting started, and publishers are utilizing the skills of designers to speed up the progress.

Steps To Create An eBook In PDF

While the book industry is doing everything to make a substantial impact on the marketplace, it is easy to create an eBook from pdf

  • Create unique content and consult an editor to review your content.
  • You can put your ideas in the shape of an eBook by defining concepts.
  • Pick a layout from the customized eBook covers if you find it challenging to hire a designer.
  • Once your content is digitized, share it with the world.
  •  The popularity of digital formats has plateaued in recent years owing to the full range of books available in this format.

The “Right” Device

eBook technology has emerged, and developers are now making full use of e-reader software that will work on multiple devices. Today a reader has no confusion about which gadget to buy. This software also provides excellent portability and gives you full access to catalog titles. Except for a few exceptions, the kind of eBook format you have will run on all devices. Your desktops and laptops are also a convenient option for eBooks. Your phones and tablets are also a decent selection for eBook reading.

The Price War 

There is no standard price limit for eBook dedicated devices. With the new software and technical update, the price war of devices has seen a decline. Publishers and developers are working together to make the eBook a success and not to remain focused only on the price range of accessories. The quality of the devices gets upgraded to give users a more informed and enriching experience.

The Role Of Publishers

Publishing houses will play a significant role in shaping the eBook world through their experience, and this is a premium chance for writers. Unlike commodity content, eBook developers want to appreciate high-quality work edited by experts. Publishers can polish the learning experience for their readers. Publishers also think that the eBook trend is a wise decision because of the steady revenue. Statistics show that more segments of readers are now interested in eBooks. It is a good sign for publishers, and it can open an array of new opportunities for them. Digital content management will become easier for publishers and optimize their overall growth and maximize their revenue. The trends of eBooks are quite convincing for publishers and can allow them to expand.

eBook And The Business Model

eBooks will shape the online business market in various ways. A person who is accessing an eBook and wants further help or information about the topic can click on the extended tabs on the eBooks. These extended tabs will direct the reader to the publisher’s site and increase the page visits. It also depends on the publishers whether they want to charge the users for this extra information.  Learning apps tabs installed on the eBooks mean thousands of students trying to access this page. The eBook is providing a safe platform for previously under deserved readers. With the further enhancement in this field, publishers may start collecting work of all formats. It will be a challenge for publishers to keep the tile score equal if nonfiction tiles blow past fiction. Running ads on the eBooks page will eventually become a requirement. eBooks are the new buzz in the reading world, and with the worldwide availability of technology, there is an increase in the number of eBook readers.

The Final Word

Print media and books provide the same information as eBooks, and the main difference lies in how the material gets presented. The publishing and book industry is evolving, and eBook technology is becoming a game-changer.  The eBook can work as a business model. Unlike old times a reader does not need a specific device to access eBook stores. The software of your laptops, phones, and tablets get upgraded to support all sorts of data.  It is necessary to adopt these technologies to survive in the digital world.

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Huawei P40 Pro Plus camera review: Zooming into the future

With an impressive 10X optical zoom, Huawei’s P40 Pro Plus is the most versatile smartphone camera ever… with a catch. Source: Huawei P40 Pro Plus camera review: Zooming into the future | Android Central

The post Huawei P40 Pro Plus camera review: Zooming into the future appeared first on GadgetNutz.

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Haier Tabot: The Future of Automated Robotic Cleaning | It’s a Gadget

Haier Tabot Robot VacuumToday, we’re going to speak about an exciting smart cleaning device called Haier Tabot and I’m sure it will be appealing for some of you. It’s no wonder we’re living in a crazy tech world and we have all marveled at the cleaning droids that were in Star Trek; floating effortlessly across a room, leaving not a speck of dirt behind.

Similarly, many technology enthusiasts have been amazed by the development that is taking place in the robotic vacuum cleaning industry in the past few years. These ‘Roombas’ and ‘RoboRocks’ have the ability to free up a room from dust without any human effort at all.

Yet, Tabot, a sub-brand of the famous Haier company, has come up with an innovation that is on route to ‘spice’ up the industry and make our lives even easier. Their original goal was to raise $5000. This goal was obliterated (to put it punctually) with massive funding of more than $400,000. They are currently in the production phase of their prototype.

Functionality of Haier Tabot

Haier Tabot claims that it has “better performance than 99% of Robot Vacuum on the market”. It comes with two features, mopping and vacuum. The vacuum robot is perfect for everyone who wants a cleaner room; however, it’s focus audience is on individuals that have a lot of hair (from dogs, clothes, heads, etc.) on the floor.

Haier Tabot VacuumIt comes with a built-in ‘Anti-Winding Blade Roller Brush’ which will cut all long hairs before being sucked into the dust compartment. When combined with the powerful 3200PA Ultra-Strong Suction, which can “easily pick up metal balls”, the robotic vacuum and mop seem like a perfect powerhouse to cleanse your home.

Vacuuming is not enough to remove all the germs, bacteria and dust from a room. Therefore, Hairer Tabot’s robotic cleaner also comes with an inbuilt mop functionality. It has 230ml of water in its tank, which is sufficient to clean up large rooms. The company claims to have installed 3 different types of safeguards’ mechanisms to prevent any leakage from occurring.

Artificial Intelligence Incorporated Movement

The robotic cleaner moves in a Y-shaped pattern which emulates real-life cleaning and “makes your room super clean”.

It features a Laser Scanning Technology (LDS) that is also put in many Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV) such as the drones used by the military in various countries. It works by making a Two-Dimensional analysis of the room and creates a map of the owner house’s layout.

Once the house map is ready, it will appear on the Haier Tabot Companion app on your phone. You can then modify the map to make ‘no-go zones’ if required.

Further calculations are done through Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Technology (SLAM) creating the shortest path for effectively and quickly cleaning a room.

The robot also has fantastic smart functions such as its ability to glide under sofas and climb over small obstacles. Its best feature is a cliff sensor that prevents it from falling off your stairs or roof. When the robot feels low on battery, it can return to simply return to it’s self-charging port.

Is this the future?

Some people believe cleaning to be like gardening, a calming task that cleanses the mind. They claim that automating this will remove the calming effect.

Yet, the above are a minority. The statistics all point towards one direction – we are walking towards a world run by automation.

People will buy robotic vacuums such as that of Haier Tabot. The vacuum robot is a testimony to technological progress and an allusion for a future where technology will thrive. If you are interested to buy one, there is a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo website and the Haier Tabot robot starts from $469 USD.

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Huami Amazfit X Curved Smartwatch takes a peek into the future | It’s a Gadget

Amazfit X Huami XiaomiToday we’re going to discuss about something interesting, futuristic and smart – Amazfit X by Huami Technology. This new curved smartwatch comes with most of the must have features and it will remind us how a future of Smartwatch will look like.

First of all you would wonder who is Huami Technology, right? Well, Huami is the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi and is also the maker of the Mi Band, which has been a hit worldwide.

Amazfit X Design

When speaking about Amazfit X, “comfort” seems to be the first key word that comes in mind. It looks like a Smart band and comes in two colors, Eclipse Black and New Moon Gold. With a 2.07-inch at 92° curvature, It gives your wrist that relaxing and comforting feeling whether you are at work, the gym, or in your bed. A titanium alloy uni-body makes the watch so light you will almost forget you have it on your wrist.

This design is accomplished by heating the metal body under 700°C along with 6-bend bending process. It comes with a 326 PPI HD resolution and a 400 NIT high-brightness display that optimize clarity anywhere and any time of the day.

Main Features

By making a pressure-sensitive sensor that helps you access everything with just a touch of your fingertips. It responds to your touch with textured, natural vibrations, so your fingertips know who is in control. On top of the smart control, Amazfit X features multiple handy settings: Do Not Disturb, nap mode, timer, stopwatch, wake-up alarms and weather forecast.

You will always get the best with Amazfit X, even when you travel and forget your charger behind. With a curved 220mAh battery that powers the Smartwatch for seven days on a full charge; a low battery is never going to be an issue.

Health Features

Your health comes first as Amazfit X comes with various tracking modes, a proprietary heart-rate monitor called BioTracker that monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day. And will update you on where your stress levels are: Relaxed, Normal, Medium, and High. When your stress level is high, The Amafit X would always be there to notify you. The Amazfit X has an infrared light test to measure your blood oxygen levels.

With Two top Class Geo-tracking systems; GPS and GLONASS in one watch, Navigation has never been easier and more accurate in such a small gadget.Amazfit X Huami Xiaomi faces

Getting the best out of your workout session just got easier with Amazfit X as it comes with 9 versatile sports modes to offer customizable tracking and coaching for every activity. Amazfit X is still right by your side while you are going to the beach or pool. With 50 meters water resistance, you can keep track of your notification, time or laps record without any worries.

It also has a 100-point scoring system that make healthy living fun and possible. The more you move, the more you score. Amazfit X measures your calories and notifies you when you are sitting too much with its Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI). This gives you easy comprehensible assessments and aid that helps you set then meet your fitness goals.

For those that are interested to buy this Amazfit X curved smartwatch, the project is still available at IndieGoGo for $159 USD with the estimated delivery to be IN OCTOBER.

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Apple’s 2020 and Future iPhones – What’s Expected

Apple is always adding new features to the next generation of future iPhones. Ever since the launch of the very first iPhone, we can track the upgrades as the next generation model surfaces.

In terms of memory, the company has been rather conservative. While competing Android-based flagship models would overcompensate with memory, iPhones get the bare minimum.

From a technical standpoint, Apple controls both hardware and software on the iPhone. As a result, the company knows exactly how much RAM each iPhone needs. Even though, having more RAM isn’t always a bad thing.

Future iPhones will always come with new features and more advanced technology. However, we have no idea in what direction Apple will go.

iPhone 12 and future iphones could have 6GB RAM and up

When it comes to multitasking on the iPhone, more memory is necessary. We are expecting iPhones in 2020 and beyond to feature 6GB RAM and up.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max may be the first to come with 6GB RAM each. This was an upgrade from 4GB of RAM on the previous models.

Barclay’s analysts believe that the regular iPhone 12 will still feature 4GB RAM. This is agreeable since the regular iPhone is normally an affordable option. On the contrary, this is all speculation so take with a grain of salt.

Future iPhones could be forced to use USB Type C

The European Union has been pushing for a standard mobile charger. It has been on their agenda for years, as a result, most manufacturers have settled with micro USB.

USB Type-C Charger Port

Most of these manufacturers have since moved on to using USB-C (Type-C). However, Apple has been one of the companies holding out against the change. Apple argued switching to USB-C from Lightning would create lots of waste.

According to Business Insider, the EU has rejected the argument with an overwhelming vote of 582-40, in favor of a standard mobile charger. As a result, Apple could be forced to use USB-C charging on iPhones once the law goes into effect.

Apple has since argued that the new rules would stifle innovation, however, the EU rejects the claim. Due to this new legislation, we could see future iPhones with a USB-C charging port.

What Apple’s iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max could look like

Apple is now working on the iPhone 12 series. According to reports, these will include the iPhone 12 along with the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

Leaked information suggests the iPhone 12 will not feature a new design after all. However, we can expect some iPhone 12 models to get a huge RAM boost, and more energy-efficient screen.

Instead of a total makeover, we could see minor changes in the design. According to rumors, the iPhone 12 could lack the notch on the screen. One other report suggests Apple is working on new Face ID technology. This new tech could lead to a redesigned and probably slimmer notch.

If Apple drops the notch, then the camera would have to be built into the screen. Leaked details also suggest an in-screen fingerprint scanner. This would be awesome, as the company dropped the fingerprint scanner on the current model.

The most popular rumor of the iPhone 12 series is that it will support 5G connectivity. Equally, is the rumor that 2020 iPhones will take design cues from the iPhone 4.

Regardless of its design and features, the latest iPhone is always a fan favorite. Apple hasn’t confirmed any of the iPhone 12 features, so this is all speculation.

A Foldable iPhone could be in the near future

Foldable smartphones such as the Galaxy Fold seems to be the next trend. However, they all seem to be facing a similar problem, repeated folding cause a crease to form.

A new patent by Apple would have us believe the company has found a solution to the problem. The patent reveals a foldable design that doesn’t crease the display.

Future iPhones

Apple’s newly discovered patent reveals that they have been experimenting with foldable screens. It would appear the experiment has been going on for a while, so could we see a foldable iPhone soon?

There are two separate sections of the display. Once it unfolds, each section moves closer and connects to fill the gap. Flip to close and both sections separate, hence no crease in the display.

This isn’t confirmation of a foldable iPhone, but since Apple owns this patent show they are experimenting with the idea.

In conclusion, there’s no official information on the upcoming iPhones. We may see new designs and new features or we may not. Apple normally releases its new iPhones in September, so it’s safe to say September 2020 is the launch of the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

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