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GoPro Hero 9 Black comes with a colour front display, 5K video

(Pocket-lint) – GoPro has officially unveiled a new Hero, and it’s called the Hero 9 Black. While it borrows the Hero 8’s revamped design from 2019, the internals and its capabilities have improved. 

Starting with the most obvious change: Hero 9 Black has a colour screen on the front for the first time. It’s a 1.4-inch display which can be used to see a live preview or view shooting status. In previous years, this display was smaller and only monochrome, used to display basic status information.

 The touchscreen on the back is improved too. GoPro has equipped it with a larger 2.27-inch touch-sensitive panel with touch-zoom capabilities, allowing you to digitally zoom really easily. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new GoPro without more advanced photography and videography tools. It’s got a new 20-megapixel sensor, and that’s now utilised to give you up to 5K resolution video. 

At its highest sharpness, it can capture video up to 30 frames per second but is still able to shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second. Or, if you want slow motion, you can shoot at 240 frames per second at 1080p resolution. 

There’s a bigger battery too, with GoPro claiming you’ll get up to 30 per cent more battery life. That’s enough to make a difference, but not quite enough difference to dissuade users from buying a spare. 

HyperSmooth – the advanced algorithm-based stabilisation system – has now ramped up its capabilities, ensuring even smoother footage and automatic in-camera horizon levelling.  

TimeWarp, the smooth hyperlapse feature is also being improved and not features real speed and slowed down half-speed options. There’s HDR Night lapse video too, for more dramatic and improved timelapses in really low light situations. 

If you snap on the new $99 Max Lens Mod – essentially a stabilised additional lens – you get even smoother HyperSmooth video, plus an even wider Max SuperView camera focal length. You can also enable a horizon lock feature which keeps the horizon in position even when you rotate the camera 360-degrees. That enables some pretty cool effects in video. 

GoPro Hero 9 Black is available to buy today. In the US, it’ll set you back $499, or if you take a 12 month GoPro subscription, you can buy the camera for $100 less: $399.98. Hero 8 Black and Hero 7 Black remain on sale at $349 and $249 respectively. In the UK, pricing is set at £429.99, or £329.98 if you have a GoPro subscription. 


Writing by Cam Bunton.

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GoPro Hero 9 will have a much bigger battery and up to 5K30 vid

(Pocket-lint) – Following a leak which revealed the GoPro Hero 9 Black would feature a colour screen on the front, further details have now been revealed following a package and battery detail leak. 

As is customary for Hero packaging, the main specs are listed down the side of the box, with the key features highlighted on the front. 

This year’s flagship action camera is going to feature a higher resolution 20-megapixel sensor, up from the 12-megapixel sensor used in the Hero 8 Black in 2019

We’re also going to get a maximum 5K resolution for recording video at 30 frames per second, 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, plus full HD (1080p) at 240 frames per second as well as 1080p live streaming. 

That means up to 8x slow-motion video, plus an upgraded version of TimeWarp which enables some ultra-smooth hyperlapse footage to be shot completely handheld. 

For still photos, the packaging reveals we’ll still get HDR and RAW support, and all of this built into a unit that can survive at depths of up to 10 metres in water. 

Arguably the biggest new addition is the larger battery. WinFuture – the original reporters of the story – state that the new battery will have a capacity of 1,720mAh and that’s roughly 40 per cent larger than the previous one. 

Bigger battery means a new battery charging dock, and so a new one of those will be launched too, allowing you to charge two batteries at once. 

Nothing has been said specifically about how this bigger battery will improve the recording time, however. It could just be that the higher capacity is required to keep the same performance with all of the added features. 

We anticipate shooting video at higher resolutions, with more powerful processing algorithms for TimeWarp, plus the colour screen on the front will consume more power than the Hero 8 Black did. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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