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Fujifilm X-A7 is £495 in Amazon Summer Sale, that’s 29% off

It’s the surprise Amazon Summer Sale, which means discounts on a whole variety of goodies.

Leading the camera charge is almost a third off the Fujifilm X-A7 mirrorless system, complete with 15-45mm lens.


That means you can get this camera for £495 instead of £699, which is a great deal. 

The X-A7 is the more entry-level product in Fujifilm’s X series. It’s got the same Fujifilm X Mount lenses as any other camera in the series, meaning there’s huge potential to expand the camera’s capability with a range of optics.

Its 24-megapixel sensor is 14 times larger than what you’ll find in most smartphones, which goes a long way in delivering much higher quality – including in low-light situations.

On the rear there’s a 3.5-inch screen, which is mounted on a vari-angle bracket to allow for creative framing. There’s no built-in viewfinder, as reflects this models’ entry position.

The X-A7 is available in dark silver or silver finishes, both of which look great. The choice is yours as both are an option in this sale. If you’re interested in checking the two out side by side to see which you prefer, click on the link through to Amazon below.

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Eve Cam goes on sale, the first indoor camera for HomeKit Secur

Originally announced at the start of the year, Eve Systems has put its Eve Cam on sale at last and it’ll ship on June 23. 

The $150/150 Euro Eve Cam is the first indoor security camera made for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video system.

Apple HomeKit Secure Video means that activity captured by the camera is analysed by your home hub – an Apple TV, for example – and then either discarded if it’s just a pet going about its daily business or recorded and stored for free in iCloud if it’s a person. You can also choose to store everything if you wish. 

The footage is stored for up to 10 days and doesn’t count towards your iCloud storage space. Notifications will pop up on your iPhone to tell you that events have occurred. 

Keep a close eye on your home around the clock. Receive rich notifications on your iPhone immediately when something is up in your home – and protect the privacy of your personal space in the process. 

The camera itself is a compact Full HD camera with a 150-degree ultrawide field of view. It’s capable in day or night, with infrared night vision kicking in when the lights are off, and an integrated microphone and speaker means you can communicate with whoever is in the room – to surprise intruders, for example, or tell the kids their dinner is ready.

It comes with a magnetic camera base and can be installed on a shelf or wall.

The Eve Water Guard has also recently gone on sale – a HomeKit-enabled leak detector for your home.


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The SHIFT RED Drone is on Sale & can be flown using just your thumb. | Smart Home – Smart Gadgets

Image: This is Engineering

TL;DR: As of May The-SHIFT-RED-Drone-is-on-Sale-038-can-be-flown-using-just-your-thumb-The-SHIFT-RED-Drone-is-on-Sale-038-can-be-flown-using-just-your-thumb-27, you can get a compact drone on sale for $The-SHIFT-RED-Drone-is-on-Sale-038-can-be-flown-using-just-your-thumb-The-SHIFT-RED-Drone-is-on-Sale-038-can-be-flown-using-just-your-thumb-299.95 with theSHIFT RED: HI-LITE Package

It seemed to have happened overnight: drones took over the world. No, seriously. Besides delivery, videography, and mapping, they’re also being used to help enforce social distancing. Then there’s the guy who walked his dog with a drone and the guy who had a totally-not-creepy drone date. We live in weirder times than any of us even realized. But that’s beside the point.

If you want to get in on the craze and enjoy the freedom of flight, we’ve found a deal on a great starter drone: the SHIFT RED. While others may require a steep learning curve, the SHIFT RED is intuitive enough for you to fly solo pretty quickly. Its one-hand control system, enabled by the Near-Field Micro-Sensing technology, makes flying as easy as moving your thumb around on a joystick. And there are even eight different auto-pilot modes that let you cruise around and take breathtaking shots with a tap of your finger.

With video recording quality at FHD The-SHIFT-RED-Drone-is-on-Sale-038-can-be-flown-using-just-your-thumb-The-SHIFT-RED-Drone-is-on-Sale-038-can-be-flown-using-just-your-thumb-2080p and streaming quality at HD 720p, you can capture some truly incredible footage. Plus, thanks to virtual gimbal software, there won’t be any shakiness or blurriness. You can fly for a maximum of one hour before you’ll need to recharge, so keep your eye on the time.

Typically retailing for $299, you can save over 30% and get the SHIFT RED: Drone Package — which includes the drone itself, the controller, a battery, a quick guide, a shift control ring, and a charging cable, all wrapped neatly in a gift box — for just $The-SHIFT-RED-Drone-is-on-Sale-038-can-be-flown-using-just-your-thumb-The-SHIFT-RED-Drone-is-on-Sale-038-can-be-flown-using-just-your-thumb-299.95

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Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallet Black Friday Weekend Sale 30% Off

A Cryptocurrency Hardware wallet is the most secure way to hold your digital assets. Ledger is having a Black Friday 2019 sitewide sale of 30% off all its Hardware Wallets. We just snatched a few Ledger Nano S Wallets and above all, can’t wait to do the unboxing.

The Nano S Hardware Wallet from Ledger supports multi currencies. It was built using one of the most secure types of chips on the market. The Nano S is also fully certified by ANSSI. One of my favorite features is the option to backup your crypto assets and restore if you ever lose the device.

Secondly, Ledger also sells a Nano X which normally retails at $119, however, it goes for $83 during the weekend sale. The Ledger Nano X is the company’s next-generation wallet that manages up to 100 different digital assets on the same device, offers Bluetooth connectivity and state of the art security.

Nano S comes in six color options and normally retails at $59. If you are reading this before December 2nd, 2019, the Nano S is on sale for 30% off at $41 with free shipping.

Ledger Nano S – Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

Thirdly, Ledger Blue is Ledger’s premium hardware wallet. It looks strikingly similar to a handheld palm from the early 2000s. It features a large color touchscreen display and supports up to 30 currencies. The user can also install up to 11 different apps to monitor other assets not supported by the device itself. Ledger Blue currently retails at $269.99 but marked as “Sold Out” by the retail site.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

If you are new to the Cryptocurrency market, the first thing you will hear is “don’t store your digital assets on exchanges“. Whether you own tokens or coins, with your assets on exchanges technically they are in the custody of the exchange. If the crypto exchange goes down, you will probably lose your money.

Getting a Hardware wallet is currently the most secure way to keep your crypto assets in your possession. There are several cold storage options such as a software wallet, it is installed on your computer system. It is still vulnerable if your system gets a virus. There’s a paper wallet option, hardware, and online wallets

There is horrific news all over the internet of crypto exchanges going under and investors losing their money. Earlier this year, the unexpected death of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange owner left £145 million of cryptocurrency locked in a digital wallet. Unfortunately, the owner had the only password for the wallet.

Crypto Paper Wallet

What is a Bitcoin Paper Wallet? It is your public and private cryptographic keys printed on a piece of paper. It is recommended to never take a picture of your paper wallet. Exposing your keys could mean loss of your digital assets, (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, VeChainThor, etc.)

Example of a Bitcoin Paper Wallet (Source:
You can create a paper wallet for just about any Cryptocurrency, not just Bitcoin.

A paper wallet is the simplest way to move your cryptocurrency into cold storage. There are a number of paper wallet generators online that provide beautiful designs, therefore you can generate private keys and make your own wallet. You can design your own paper wallet using the photo editor of your choice.

Using a crypto paper wallet will keep your bitcoin safe from hackers and other malicious bots online. On the other hand, you might want to keep it away from water and other liquids. Unless you have the keys written on a separate piece of paper, damage to the paper wallet will result in loss of assets.

Digital Wallet or Software Wallet

What is a Digital Cryptocurrency Wallet? A cryptocurrency wallet is a secured software program used to send, receive and most importantly, store digital currencies.

These are broken into three sub-categories; Desktop, Online, and Mobile wallets.

  • Desktop wallets are software installed on a desktop or laptop. The wallet is only accessible from the computer it was installed but offers a high level of security. A damaged hard drive, on the other hand, may lead to loss of funds.
  • Online Wallets runs from the cloud and accessible over the internet. These wallets are commonly controlled by a third party, for instance, Coinbase or Binance. They are more vulnerable to hacking and theft.
  • Mobile Wallets come in the form of a smartphone application. It is useful if you plan on spending your crypto assets like cash.
Digital Wallet
Example of a Digital Wallet with Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Most digital currencies have their own official wallets, while some recommend a trusted third-party wallet. Using a digital wallet is a secure way to monitor your balance and store your private and public keys, however, it could become compromised if your computer system is hacked.

Digital wallets connected to the internet are referred to as being “Hot”. These hot wallets can send and receive single or multiple currencies, unlike the paper wallet used to store.

Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are the most secure way to manage and trade your cryptocurrencies. Often referred to as “Cold Wallets”, a hardware wallet’s main use is to store your digital assets in an offline environment away from the internet.

Ledger Nano X (Left) and Ledger Nano S

Using a hardware wallet has its advantages, in contrast to a software wallet. These advantages include storing private keys in a protected area of the microcontroller. They are immune from computer malware that normally steals from software wallets and no need to connect to the internet to validate operating of the device.

Ledger is one of the most popular companies that sell crypto hardware wallets. However, there are other great hardware wallets, for instance, Trezor, Ellipal, KeepKey, and SafePal.

Trezor Model T Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet.

In my conclusion, having a hardware cryptocurrency wallet gives you peace of mind knowing that your cryptocurrencies are safe.

We really couldn’t make a decision on which hardware wallet is the best, because we have not tried them all. Ledger Nano X is one of the most advanced. It can connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth to manage your crypto assets.

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