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The best GoPro action cameras with 4K quality and advanced tech

GoPro action cameras are perfect devices for stunning video on the go, with 4K video quality and advanced technologies. Choose the best GoPro for you.

In 2002, a Californian company entered the market with the first action camera of the GoPro range, an incredible device ready to revolutionize the world and pave the way for the recording of breathtaking videos. In 18 years, the quality level reached by these devices is exceptional, with machines that allow you to make 4K movies in any type of condition, a combination that often brings GoPro to the world of extreme sports, where it is possible to shoot the most incredible stunts. Let’s see which are the best GoPro action cameras on the market, analyzing the entire line of products on the market with some useful information to understand which model to buy.

GoPro action cameras

Which GoPro to buy

To know which GoPro to choose you need to consider some main aspects, in order to find out which model is best suited to your needs. Of course, a predominant factor is the price , in fact the cheapest products can be purchased at a cost between 200 and 300 euros, not exactly an affordable figure for everyone, while on the contrary the top-of-the-range devices can go from 300 to over 500 euros. . In addition to the price, however, there are other features to evaluate, to identify the right GoPro according to your needs.

Video and photo resolution

A fundamental aspect in choosing the best action camera is undoubtedly the video quality , however each GoPro model starts from a minimum standard of Full HD resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels. The high-end devices, on the other hand, arrive without problems at the 4K Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 pixel definition, with the most exclusive machines reaching a maximum value of 5.6K, such as the beautiful GoPro Max. photo sensor quality, with definitions ranging from 8 to 12 MP, with advanced features on the top models that allow you to optimize your shots with dedicated editing.

Waterproof and audio quality

GoPro are waterproof digital cameras , capable of supporting diving up to 10 meters deep, an aspect shared by all the American brand’s action camera models. They also have a sturdy and resistant coating , so you don’t have to worry too much about dust or splashes, however to increase the protection of the device just buy a specific case to increase its underwater performance. As for the audio quality GoPro guarantees a really good stereo sound, with some models equipped with ambient noise reduction, a greater number of microphones and special filters to eliminate wind interference in recordings.

Display and interface

The best GoPro all have a 2-inch touchscreen LCD display , with a simple and intuitive interface completely in Italian for maximum accessibility. This feature is now a standard, while on models produced before 2016 there may not be a screen as it was not customary to integrate it. Several applications are available for video editing and camera management, among which the main ones are GoPro App and GoPro Quick , the latter proposed both as an app for mobile devices and in the version for desktop PC.


Among the most appreciated features of the GoPro is the excellent connectivity of these digital cameras, in fact all the latest generation models have GPS for geolocation, Bluetooth for quick synchronization with compatible devices and the Wi-Fi module for connecting to wireless connections. This allows you to control the camera remotely in a simple and accurate way, to check the registration status and download all the data to an external device immediately, or to share on social networks for your own stunts or the funniest photos of the last holidays.

Autonomy and battery

Before buying a GoPro it is important to check the autonomy , taking a look at two fundamental aspects, the battery capacity in milliamps and the possibility of extracting it or not. The more advanced models are compatible with fast charging , a mode that allows you to restore autonomy in a few minutes, with a connection via USB-C cable for the use of the power bank or through a normal microUSB cable. However, it is preferable to always have a portable charger with you to avoid running out of charge during recordings.

GoPro Hero7 White

Among the best economic action cameras in the GoPro range is the Hero7 White , an entry level suitable even for those who have never used such a digital camera. The device is capable of recording videos in Full HD quality at 1440p , is equipped with a 10MP photo sensor and has a 2-inch LCD screen. This dynamic camera is precise and waterproof, you can choose the vertical orientation for photos to post on social media, with immersive audio and two integrated microphones, Bluetooth connectivity and built-in Wi-Fi module, with advanced electronic stabilization and tactile zoom. Buy GoPro on Amazon.

GoPro Hero7 Silver

The GoPro Hero7 Silver is an action camera suitable for those looking for a simple machine to use, but without sacrificing the unique performance of this device. Inside there is a new revamped interface, with advanced electronic stabilization and 4K resolution at 30 fps, with integrated GPS module and wide dynamic range for photos on the go. Obviously the GoPro Hero7 Silver is waterproof ( it’s available on Amazon ), also supports diving to a depth of 10 meters, has the timer for photos, touch zoom and a 2-inch LCD screen, with QuickCapture system, SuperView and an included 128GB SanDisk card.

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These pictures of retro tech show you how far we’ve come

There’s nothing like an advert for a spurious technological product in black and white to make you realise just how much progress we’ve made as a tech society. Whether it’s bizarre contraptions for making phone calls or lighting products that barely look safe, it’s fair to say that we’ve all got a heck of a lot more access to reliable tech now.

Still, there’s a lot of fun and interest to be found in surveying images of old tech and reminding ourselves of how things used to be. That’s where Concept Talk’s Instagram feed comes in – it’s full of amazing photos from days gone by. We’ve combed through it to find some amazing photographs for your browsing pleasure. 

Concept Talk

Future aesthetics

Cars reflect our times more than we sometimes realise – their designs and looks are generally tied to the sort of tech that we as a society are purchasing and hankering for. No wonder, then, that this Ford model looks so funky – it’s from the 70s and we just can’t get enough of that colourful stripe. 

Concept Talk

Pimp my ride

Bikes, compared to cars at least, haven’t changed nearly so much – after all, the core technology can only come on so far. That said, it’s been a while since we saw a lighting option for a bicycle quite like this one, which straps a frankly astonishing number of bulbs to your bike. If people were concerned about being seen when it was dark, this certainly would have solved the problem. 

Concept Talk

Social isolation

People’s imagined versions of the future always make for fascinating comparisons after the fact, and this painting from Italy is a perfect example. Its vision of isolated individuals zipping around in personal vehicles that seal them off from the rest of society is, on the one hand, far-fetched, but also bears at least a passing resemblance to some aspects of how we live now. 

Concept Talk

Green skies

People also liked to imagine what our cities would look like decades into the future, and these predictions seem, for whatever reason, to often skew towards the optimistic. Hence you get ideas like this one, which posited that the skyscrapers shooting up in cities around the globe would all be topped by gardens to lessen their environmental and visual impact. Sadly, this hasn’t really proven true. 

Concept Talk

Neon demon

Going all the way back to 1930, this neon salesman’s case is a great example of how futuristic some real retro technology can be – the way these tubes are powered is so low-fi that most of us would struggle to comprehend it. What’s obvious, though, is that it has a gorgeous look and feel to it, sure to be a collector’s item nowadays. 

Concept Talk

Gaming rig

Fast-forwarding rapidly into this century, we love this image, because of how well we know that it was, in its day, the height of sophistication. This is someone’s amazing rig to play flight simulators on, even if a modern PC gamer would snort at the idea. Compare those chunky monitors to modern ultra-wide options and you’ll see the definition of progress. 

Concept Talk

Operator, please

This is a photo so farfetched as to look amusing, but this idea of how people might look if fashion changed drastically, while telecommunications technology stayed bafflingly static, makes for an amusing collage of concepts. 

Concept Talk

Space commander

Similarly, this isn’t an actual design or prototype of a spacesuit, as we’d hope would be obvious, but even as an exploration of what suits could one day look like, it’s amusing how far off-base it is. 

Concept Talk

Nap pods

Meanwhile, this concept for a nap pod now looks mighty prescient. It might not be right in design terms, with the bulbous looks no longer in vogue at all, but ever since Google famously added napping stations to its huge campus in Silicon Valley, nap pods have become, if not popular, at least accepted. 

Concept Talk


Setting aside Elon Musk’s folly in the form of the Cybertruck, we think it’s fair to say that car design has got a heck of a lot less interesting over the last few decades, as this gorgeous model demonstrates. While it might not have been a bestseller, we can’t see such a radical design getting made now. 

Concept Talk

Quite a den

This artist’s idea of what an ideal den would look like, meanwhile, has us drooling in envy. If you mentally upgrade its pinball table to a games console, this really isn’t that far off what people aspire to nowadays, as much as its aesthetics are wild. Who wouldn’t want a pool-room?!

Concept Talk


By contrast, this simple image of a phone from the 70s is a useful reminder that actual, physical tech from decades gone by can often be underwhelming or even openly a bit ugly. We’re not saying that floral prints and patterns are always grim, but we’re also not sure we’d want this telephone in our house. 

Concept Talk

Clash of cultures

We like this image for how dated different elements of it are – in particular, the contrast between the futuristic TV set (for the time) and the dolls sat on the shelves to its right – showcasing how quickly tech marched on in the 20th Century.

Concept Talk

Communal listening

We’d like to say that easy headphone splitting has become way easier since this image, but it amusingly hasn’t really, at least not if you still want eight kids to listen to the same source of audio. Still, whatever solution exist are probably a damn sight smaller, at least.

Concept Talk

Spin the decks

Speaking of record players, this might be the most ostentatious one we’ve ever seen – a set of decks embedded in what can only be described as a giant marble egg, it’s just about one of the ugliest bits of interior decor on record, we think. 

Concept Talk

Floral again

This phone is a good contrast to the floral print option we featured earlier – it might be using daisies to advertise itself, but the actual design of the telephone is, dare we say it, really nice. It’s elegant and timeless, and we’d happily use it now. 

Concept Talk

Food magic

The cover of this book is a great reminder of how microwaves changed the game when they first became widely available and affordable – speeding up some types of food preparation to the point where young people might genuinely need reminders that the technology isn’t just magic. 

Concept Talk


Spherical televisions are a law unto themselves. We know they don’t make sense ergonomically or for viewing angles, yet we can’t help ourselves when we say that they just look ace. Would we watch a movie on one now? Of course not. Would we have one as an interesting bit of art? Quite possibly. 

Concept Talk

Interesting marketing

The audio mixer itself might be front and centre, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking that we can’t see any modern companies marketing their product with an image of someone enjoying a joint in the background – maybe that’s just us!

Concept Talk

Loud enough?

This photo from the Mitsubishi archive is a fun look at how big a speaker can get if you’re pushing the boundaries of the sensible – we’re not sure what it would sound like turned on, but we can imagine the pain of any sort of interference feeding into it. 

Concept Talk


What better way to market your hi-fi like Philips has done here, with a ruddy great lightning bolt. Marketing copy? No thanks – just give us a stormy sky and huge pink glints on the speakers to show that this thing is built for rock and roll. 

Concept Talk

Rolling out

This might just be the coolest vehicle of any type that we’ve seen in quite some time, but the fact that it was built in the 1930s makes it almost jaw-dropping. We can see the reasons why this didn’t spread to become a normal sort of thing to own, but that’s still a crying shame. 

Concept Talk

Why not?

A burger-shaped phone would later be made iconic by the film Juno, but why not have a portable games console in the same shape? This concept piece is hilarious to look at, and you don’t the sense that its two buttons and a D-pad would be much fun to play, but it’s certainly memorable. 

Concept Talk

Chunky chic

Our final picture is a final phone, too, and we’re honestly torn on it. Is it a great bit of knowingly kitsch design with huge buttons that are unique and fun, or an ugly monstrosity with buttons that should never be replicated anywhere, ever. At the end of the day, we might just have to leave that to you.

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